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10:23am on Monday, 4th May, 2015:

Top 50


The Secret World has a "chronicle" feature, which is a bit like World of Warcraft's armory. Its main deal is leaderboards, so you can see you're #2 in your cabal (guild) for number of vampires killed or whatever. As well as giving leaderboards at the cabal level, you can do it at the faction level (Templar, Illuminati, Dragon) or global level.

I took a look at the global "total experience points earned" leaderboard yesterday and was astonished at what I saw:

My main character, Mareigh, is 50th on the list. I'm apparently one of the top 50 Secret World players.

This came as something as a shock, as I haven't been trying to get XP — I'm usually maxed out on the ability points they convert into, so I don't make any effort to get more. If I've nevertheless managed to make the top 50, it makes me wonder how few players The Secret World must have.

Ordinarily, I'd take this as a reason to quit the game immediately, but there's a new update (issue 11) coming out this week and I want to see what it has in it (or, knowing Funcom, what it's supposed to have in it but doesn't).

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