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2:46pm on Tuesday, 15th September, 2015:

Plain Sight


I had an eye test today. I'd been putting it off as the cyst (chalazion) I had earlier in the year pushed my eyeball out of shape, but I figured it was safe to go now.

For distance vision, I'm still well within the legal limit to drive without glasses. This is handy to know, because I usually do drive without glasses. Nevertheless, I thought I'd better ask because eyesight is one of those things that can deteriorate so slowly that it creeps up on you and you don't notice, then before you know it you've run into the back of a bread lorry. Anyway, distance vision is fine and I don't need to replace the specs they forced on me 4 years ago.

For near vision, the situation is a little more complex. I have some reading glasses, but I may go months without wearing them. the optician expected that I'd bring them with me because the prescription is such that I should have trouble reading without them. It turns out that although each individual eye does need some correction, when I use them both at once there's an order of magnitude improvement, so in most cases I don't need to use them (it's mainly in bad light when I might dig them out).

The explanation for this seems to be that my visual cortex is doing some serious post-processing to present a clear image to me, so I'm getting a nicely reconciled image from two imperfect sources. Ordinarily this would lead to headaches, but as I've never had a headache in my life, tra-la-la it doesn't affect me.

I was also told that because of the eyelid thing and the general sensitivity of my eyes (they streamed with tears when she shot bright lights into them) I wasn't suited to wearing contact lenses. As this is like telling me I have an allergy to baldness cures, I don't remotely care.

I have to say, £25 is a bit steep for an eye test, though.

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