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3:36pm on Monday, 14th September, 2015:

Silberrad Student Centre


The university has opened its new Silberrad Student Centre.

Generations of students who in the past have never heard of Silberrad will in future know the name. They still won't know who Silberrad was, of course, and they're unlikely to look it up unless there's coursework credit in doing so. This is probably wise, as it happens, because although it's realtively easy to find out that the university was given a legacy by the Silberrad Estate, it's not so easy to find out which Silberrad it concerned. They seem to be a family of local philanthrophists.

Anyway, the Silberrad Student Centre has been built next to one of the lakes. The views from inside are spectacular!

Unfortunately, those are not the views the people inside should be getting. This is what the building looks like in situ:

The Silberrad Student Centre is the light brown building just beyond the lake there. Immediately behind it is the library. The library was constructed to have spectacular views across the lakes, so students had something to look out of the windows at while thinking. The library now has spectacular views across the roof of the Silberrad Student Centre. The Silberrad Student Centre has spectacular views of the lake.

If the university wanted it to have a lakeside view, the Silberrad Student Centre should have been built along one of the other sides of the lake, not between the library and the lake. Aesthetically, it would probably have been better on the right, but as it includes the new reception desk for the university the more practical location would have been on the left. Cramming it in between the library and the lake not a good solution unless you have an office there.

I'm glad it wasn't built in the brutalist concrete style used for the main university complex, though.

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