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9:08am on Wednesday, 26th November, 2014:



I spoke at Cybersalon in London yesterday. This is a monthly series of talks given to an audience of mainly Lond0n-based games people who range from players and students to developers and academics. It's quite a knowledgeable audience, but fortunately I was one of four speakers on the night so I didn't get torn into too badly.

At one point, describing how the university world treated working-class kids like me in the 1970s, I disparagingly remarked that we were looked down on by middle-class kids who'd gone to study intellectual subjects such as Sociology. I was unaware that in the audience was a 1970s Sociology student from Essex University. Fortunately, when he approached me afterwards, he agreed with what I'd said — lucky for me as he was wearing Doc Martens and could have given me a good kicking if he hadn't. I was also able to explain why it was that Computer Science students of the era gave Sociology students rather short shrift: they ran a monster statistical package called SPSS that ate up computer time, so reducing the resources available to us for our own work.

It was an interesting event, with a lot going on beside the presentations and panel. I have to say, I wouldn't want to live for 28 days with my eyes and ears continuously hooked up to a live feed from someone else's eyes and eyes, which is what this guy is planning on doing.

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