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3:51pm on Thursday, 27th November, 2014:

Sore Eyes


I don't know what's caused me to start developing cysts on my eyelids, but it's inconvenient as well as painful. This is me this morning:

My right eye (the one on the left as you look at it) is developing something on my lower eyelid. It feels quite big and it's made the flesh under the eye swell up. I've been putting antibiotic eye cream on it that I got from the local pharmacist, but to no avail. If it doesn't go down of its own accord, I'll have to see about another operation (it would be be my third). Even if it does go away of its own accord, it could leave its mark: if you look at the middle of the top eyelid on my other eye, you'll see the lump that was left by a stye I got a few months ago that didn't turn into a cyst but put up a fight nevertheless.

I'm starting to run out of tear ducts here...

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