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12:57pm on Tuesday, 25th November, 2014:

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In the interview with me that Guardian Technology published last week, I said that we connected to ARPAnet via the University of Kent. I got an email from Roy today telling me that it was Imperial College in London, not Kent.

Ah, yes, that makes a lot more sense. We did used to connect to somewhere via Kent in the days of JANET, but Imperial is more the kind of institution likely to have international connections to the likes of MIT than Kent was. It does ring more bells, too.

Roy also pointed out that one of the reasons he wrote MUD was to piss off the Director of Computing Services, which is indeed true: he wouldn't give Roy the means to do inter-process communication, so Roy wrote his own mechanism to do it using a writeable, shared memory segment. This was far more flexible than inter-process communication packets, allowing Roy to use it for storage as well as communication. This is what he did with MUD.

I'm also in his black books for not having mentioned the Guardian article to him. This should be something of a worry for the Guardian, because if a person like Roy doesn't read their technology pages, who does?

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