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4:04pm on Monday, 24th November, 2014:



It's a while since I incremented my collection of playing cards, mainly because people keep outbidding me on eBay (you know who you are). However, today these arrived:

They're a fantasy deck by F. A. Lattmann of Germany. Lattmann is a manufacturer I haven't come across before, but I immediately took to these cards so put in a bid. They're in pretty good nick, with their gold corners all bright and shiny, but they're nowhere near as strongly-coloured as the ones on World of Playing Cards. The design is from about 1910, but my pack has a tax stamp that was in use from 1919-1923; I'm guessing that Lattmann had to use a cheaper printing process in the aftermath of the First World War.

I'm quite pleased by them. If only they didn't smell of cigarettes...

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