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1:08pm on Sunday, 8th December, 2013:



When I was a kid, we'd sometimes go and stay with my maternal grandparents for a couple of weeks over the summer or Christmas. My grandfather (who was a farm labourer and spoke using thee, thou, thine and so on) would on occasion affectionately call me or my brother what sounded like BLUE-tcher. When I asked him why, he told me it was the name of a Prussian general who led the cavalry at Waterloo (so that's Gebhard Leverecht von Blücher).

I have no idea why he would sometimes call us Blücher. My best guess is that his own father called him that when he was a lad, but as for why he'd have done that... I suppose that someone back up the family tree must have had a reason.

If I have grandchildren, I shan't be carrying on the family tradition and calling them Blücher. Well, not unless that's what their given name is, but I don't think either of my daughters is that cruel.

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