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3:32pm on Saturday, 7th December, 2013:

Of All Time


From today's Guardian:

the detailed planning can begin for a tournament Fifa president Sepp Blatter promised would be "the greatest of all time"

Of all time? Really? There's an awful lot of time to go. The word he's looking for is "yet".

It greatly irritates me the way that "all time" is used to mean "all time so far". It implies that the future will be unable to match the glories of the past. Those lists from the 1980s of the greatest movies "of all time" were the same tired hyperbole then that today's lists of the greatest movies "of all time" are now.

"All time" does means "ever". If you mean "so far" use "yet".

Also from today's Guardian, quoting Sir Paul McCartney:

"Nelson Mandela was one of the great men of all time"

See, that stands a chance of actually being true.

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