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5:44pm on Monday, 9th December, 2013:

Mistaken Identity


I finally got around to ordering a new badge and some business cards with my Honorary Professor job title on them. I had to drop off the old badge with Lynda,

OK, so Lynda is someone whose name I have seen countless times in emails and with whom I have had extensive email conversations and some over the phone. She's part-time, but shares an office with two other people so I knew that if she wasn't in I could just drop off the badge.

I went to the office, presented the badge to Lynda and she looked at me blankly. It wasn't Lynda. The person I've thought was Lynda for years is actually Sandra. Lynda was sitting at a desk, wondering why I was calling Sandra by her name.

What makes this spooky is that last week, the person I now know to be Lynda came up to me as I was walking around and addressed me in the belief I was Richard Sutcliffe. We'd both thought the other was someone completely different.

There's probably some physical law of entropy governing all this...

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