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6:20pm on Saturday, 25th February, 2012:

Game Talk


I went to London today, where I met up with Melmoth off the Killed in a Smiling Accident blog and Psychochild off the, er, Psychochild's Blog blog. We had lunch at My Old Dutch, which is about the only London restaurant I know. I always go there expecting to eat a savoury pankcake followed by a sweet pancake, even though I am fully aware that the pancakes in question are the size of manhole covers and it'll be a major achievement just to finish off one of them.

Afterwards, Psychochild took me to see the latest version of Storybricks. I was pretty damned impressed by the progress they've made in the couple of months since I was last there. Writing a client/server engine from scratch for a 3D virtual world without using any bought-in software except a compiler and an operating system must be easier than I thought. The storybricks element itself is developing well, too, but I can't say much about that as it's back under wraps.

Psychochild gave me some of the dried-fruit-in-chocolate things I raved about the last time he came to the UK, plus enough pistacchio nuts to last me until Christmas.

Conversation about games, plus pancakes and chocolate fruits: all in all, a fun day.

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