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8:54am on Friday, 24th February, 2012:

Two Up


I made level 50 again in Star Wars: The Old Republic with my Smuggler Gunslinger, Silky. Here's the certification:

I was fighting one of the interminable robots they throw at you when you have the ability to use crowd control on robots...

The class story was so-so. It tried to be rollicking, but had a twist I could see coming a mile off yet couldn't do anything about. It was an improvement on the self-righteous Jedi Sage one, though.

I found it a lot less tiresome to level a DPS than a healer, although it didn't actually become easy until I got my last companion (a healer — Guss Tuno, you can see his heal on me in the screenshot). I wasn't expecting to get another level 50 this soon, but there's so little to do at level 50 once you've geared yourself up on hard mode flashpoints that I just played my gunslinger instead. I played a bunch of other characters, too, just to get a feel of them, but I deleted them at level 10.

I think maybe I'll try take up a tank next, while I await the big March direction-defining patch. I wish Belsavis were somehow avoidable, though, that place is a travel grind...

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