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6:28pm on Monday, 5th December, 2011:

An Afternoon in Colchester


After marking another one of those "how many mistakes can you fit in one line" assignments (answer: "I don't know, but here are 90 copies of that one line"), I went to Colchester to meet up with two friends visiting from the US: Brian Green and Kat Foley. Apparently their house is protected by trained guard cats, so it's safe to tell people they're not at home. We met up with fellow Colchester resident Jens Finkhäuser and tried out a Chinese/Japanese restaurant for lunch. I decided not to book, which given that we were the only customers for most of the time was probably a good idea.

Last time I met Brian and Kat I made them look round a comics museum in London for 2 hours. Today, I made them look round Colchester Castle museum for a similar time. I was going to make them look round the new Firstsite art gallery, but they wriggled out of that by being thirsty, so I marched them to the most distant teashop I could think of instead. That was closed, so I marched them back. We wound up meeting Jens again at a pub called The Castle, which is just outside the castle.

As for what the cultural highlight of Colchester was, I think Brian was most impressed by the fact we had four different places that had "Wet Paint" signs. Kat has never seen any of the UK outside of London before, but now she's seen Colchester High Street she knows pretty well what all the rest of them look like.

Mmm, I don't know what these dried-fruit-in-chocolate things they gave me are called, but they're delicious!

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