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8:54pm on Sunday, 16th September, 2012:

Venice Revisited


The final day of our cruise was spent in Venice, Italy. We spent four days here in the 1980s and had a day trip when we were at Lake Garda about 10 years ago, but the place hasn't really changed. The only difference is where the scaffolding and cranes are this time round, repairing stuff.

These chocolate euros cost $3.99 each:

It would be cheaper to eat a real euro.

We came into Venice in the morning, right past the Doge's palace and the Piazzale San Marco again:

Very nice, but I was a bit annoyed that we got up early to get a prime spot on the deck and found that 20 people had got up even earlier for it.

This beast was in a drain on the top deck:

It was about 3 inches long. Fortunately for mankind, it was dead, though.

There were two other ships in the dock when we arrived. One of them had this guy on the side giving it a new lick of paint:

Personally, I think he looks a little unstable:

For lunch, we went to a little café. My wife and daughter ordered mini-pizzas and I ordered a meatball. This is the result:

The meatball is the flat thing on the right. I was rather expecting it to come with pasta and there to be more than one of it.

Lots of people in Venice have little dogs, and they take them into bars and restaurants:

I saw one such dog cock its leg and claim a bar stool inside one of said establishments.

This is on the Rialto:

I don't think it really fits the vibe. It's like seeing a 1966 World Cup final shirt in the National Gallery.


Wood pecker. That's a rather risqué pun for a child's toy.

I like this shop sign for umbrellas:

The shop it's on doesn't sell umbrellas.

It used to be possible to get up this tower, but it was closed today. I don't know if that's only temporary or not:

There's a legend that says if you rub the statues on their, er, nether regions, you'll get good luck. Maybe too many people were rubbing them and they got worn out.

Hey, see that big bell tower on the second photo up there? This is the view from the top:

The original tower fell down a while back so the Venetians rebuilt it "as it was, where it was", except fortunately it was more like "as it was, where it was, but with a lift inside it".

When we stayed here all those years ago, this guy with the crocodile had been removed for cleaning or something. He's back now:

He's Saint Theodore or something. Not Saint Mark, anyway — he's the winged lion on the other pillar.

Finally, on the way back to the ship we went past a protest:

They don't have marches in Venice, they have them on the water. This isn't a great picture but there must have been about 50 small boats there with "No" on them. I couldn't make out what the smaller word after "No" was.

So that was Venice, and that was our cruise.

Home tomorrow!

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