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8:31am on Monday, 17th September, 2012:



So here I am standing in line at Venice airport waiting for the EasyJet check-in desk to open. Only 55 minutes to go before it's supposed to do so. There must be 25 other people in the same queue. They do like thier disorganised scrums, do EasyJet...

Looking b ack on the cruise, the highlights for me have been Valletta, Dubrovnik and (of course) Venice, but I also really liked Split and Ravenna. Koper and Kotor were very nice. Corfu was a disappointment, Messina was a dead loss but not a disappointment because I didn't have high hopes for it anyway. Bari was like Koper and Kotor for attractions but less friendly, probably because it wasn't really geared up for tourism.

On the whole, it's been a good cruise. I went to four countries I hadn't been to before — Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Malta — and the ship itself was very reasonable, too.

I hope to go on another cruise some time, but it won't be for four or five years I expect. They're expensive, and it'll take my wife that long to find one with an itinery she likes to look of anyway.

Only 45 minutes now before there's a chance that EasyJet may open the check-in desk for us all (another coachload has just arrived, too).

Now to find a chocolate shop...

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