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6:20am on Sunday, 16th September, 2012:

Spoilt for Choice


The restaurant on this ship has 9 items for the first course and 9 for the second. Of these, 3 each are fixed and 6 each change every night. With such a variety, you'd think it would be pretty easy to choose a main course to eat, and it probably is — if you like fish, chicken, mushrooms or alcohol. If you don't like any of them, your choice is either the steak off the fixed part of the menu or between zero and two things off the changing part. Given that no matter how you ask for the steak to be cooked it always comes medium-rare, that's basically a last resort (unless you like your steaks medium rare and not, say, well done). When there's nothing on the varying part of the menu, this means you're pretty well stuffed.

Not that I speak from bitter, personal experience or anything...

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