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4:30pm on Saturday, 9th October, 2010:

Retired Bag


I usually carry a small rucksack with me when I go places, so I can carry my laptop around easily and, when I'm off seeking Stuff for my kids, I have something in which to carry the result. I also take it with me on holiday, so I can carry the bottles of water and cameras and guide books and other assorted equipment I need (or, more particularly, that my family needs but claim they can't carry themselves).

For the past few years, I've had a red bag with Eurohike written on it. I bought it after my previous bag was borrowed by my elder daughter for a school trip, used to hold some kind of fruit drink in a leaky bottle, and was duly ruined. This time, though, the bag has simply worn out. There'san inside pouch where I can put passports and the like, and it cam unstitched. I could probably stitch it back, but:
1) That would involve stitching.
2) It's wearing through and will soon be six different kinds of broken anyway.
3) The bag is getting a bit grubby now and would need a lot of work to make it presentable.
4) My suitcase is kinda full and there's not really room to put my bag inside it now.

I decided, therefore, to retire the old bag and get a new one when I return to the UK. I left it in the bin in the hotel room.

Farewell, old friend!

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