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11:13pm on Friday, 8th October, 2010:

Austin Vignette


Why would anyone put cinammon in muesli? I mean, why?

There's such a thing as a "coffee steak". It's a steak with coffee ground into it. I had one; give me another three days and the roof of my mouth will have completely grown back the layer of skin it lost.

Overheard from a girl who looked to be about 10 or 11: "Do they have werewolf bats, like vampire bats?". There's a million and a half bats fly out from under a bridge here at dusk around this time of year; I think that's what set her wondering...

The tram system says everything in English and Spanish. Hmm, didn't I read in the Alamo that Texas justified its secession from Mexico on the basis that the American immigrants outnumbered the Hispanic population? I wonder for how long that will continue to be the case.

Baked potatoes the size of a baby's head.

Overheard from a guy who looked to be in his 40s, in a shop near the State Capitol building: "I live in Austin, but this is my first time exploring downtown".

Addressed to me by a complete stranger as I went to the award ceremony last night: "All the women love a sharply-dressed man".

From a waitress: "Hi! My name's Ruby, and I — excuse me, I have allergies." Runs away to sneeze.

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