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12:52pm on Friday, 31st July, 2009:

No Leipzig


I was supposed to be in Leipzig today. By now, I should have met Ralph Baer and delivered a "brief commentary statement" to a room full of German politicians and journalists.

Well, I'm sure they all read QBlog anyway, so here's what I was going to say:

I should note that I am quite aware that German politicians have already taken steps to try and kill off their nascent games industry. I chose not to tackle this head on, though; after all, I was a guest in their country (well, I would have been if I'd been able to go). Instead, I took the approach of explaining what the German game industry has going for it, in the hope that the politicians and journalists would realise they have already lost. A German couldn't have used this tactic, because they couldn't have pretended not to know that there were moves afoot to ban violent movies books comics operas TV news articles boardgames TV programmes computer games.

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