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11:14am on Friday, 31st July, 2009:

Better than my French


My brother's funeral is set to be 10th August. I found out too late to uncancel my trip to Leipzig, but I couldn't really have gone anyway given the state my mother is in.

Anyway, 10th August was right in the middle of our holidays. In order that I didn't have to fly home on my own for the funeral, we therefore spent yesterday rebooking it. We're now going away on 11th August, so those of you hoping to break into our house while we're away can make plans on how you're going to overcome our guard.

We're going to the same location as we were going to before: Paris. However, we have changed the hotel to one that had rooms available for the new slot. Here's how it describes itself:

In the heart of fashion district in Paris, the hotel Louvre Montana is located near the Louvre its with his Pyramide and Carroussel. In front of the Tuileries garden, Rivoli street and the Orsay Museum, this charming hotel will seduce you with 25 spacious rooms a few steps from the Champs Elysees, the Vendome Place et the Saint honore street.

They may not speak English very well, but it's better than my French...

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