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3:27pm on Thursday, 30th July, 2009:

Old Cards


After having recently considered the basis of her own mortality for some reason, my mother decided to give me some old greetings cards she's been keeping. Here's one sent to her parents by her on my behalf — I'm guessing I'd be maybe a year old at the time, so it dates from 1961.

Front and back:


It's strange how even in the greetings card business, fashions change. OK, so printing technology has improved a little which must be a contributing factor (it's printed on one side of a sheet of thick paper and then folded into quarters), but the art style, wording and overall approach has changed, too. You wouldn't look at that card and think it was a modern one.

Amusingly, my mother has attempted to disguise her handwriting so it doesn't look as if it was she who sent it...

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