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3:12pm on Sunday, 24th May, 2009:

MUD Merchandise


I was asked by MUD1 players to put together some merchandise for the game as a publicity thing. This I did, in the form of sweatshirts with the description of the starting location on them. Here's an example of one I still have:

That block of text on the front is strangely compelling, and the players who bought it would say that they were often "read" by strangers while on the tube or something:

One of the people who bought it, Sue the Witch, complained that the words "majestic mountains" appeared right across her, well, majestic mountains. She later turned out to be a guy named Steve; you have to admire this kind of attention to detail.

I lost about 50p on each sweatshirt and people still said I was ripping them off...

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