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12:28pm on Saturday, 23rd May, 2009:

Bag for Life


Sainsbury's has been giving out free "bags for life" this week, in an attempt to reduce their carrier bag overheads. Ignoring the fact that if you give people self-checkout facilities which rely on carrier bags then you're not going to make much of an impression here, what amuses me is that they're pitching these bags as if they were somehow collectibles.

For example, today the store's PA system announced that in celebration of Sainsbury's 140th anniversary, they were giving away "limited edition bags for life".

Hmm, so the principle of a bag for life is that if it wears out you can get a new one for free. It even says down the side of the bag, "When this bag is worn out please return it and we will give you a new one free". Except, if it's a limited edition then you won't get a new one free. You'll get a new some-other-bag-for-life free. Therefore, if you do actually value the "limited edition" nature of the bag, you won't use it for fear of wearing it out and then losing out on its future collectibility.

It's only the 125th anniversary of Marks & Spencer this year, which may in part explain why Sainsbury's are pushing the otherwise-unnewsworthy 140th anniversary thing...

Still, free bags!

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