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12:09pm on Monday, 25th May, 2009:

The Script


My younger daughter has some kind of history project to do with castles, so yesterday we went to Hedingham. It turned out that there was a tournament on, with jousting:

Now I'm guessing that there must be actual jousting tournaments in Britain, with people jousting to win trophies. However, this was not such a tournament...

So, from the programme I knew there would be two sessions several hours apart. I therefore hypothesises that:

  1. One of the knights would be all in black, and known as the Black Knight.
  2. He would behave dishonourably.
  3. He would win the first session.
  4. He would make it to the final of the second session, but be beaten by the good knight that everyone was rooting for.

The first three of these predictions duly came true. We didn't stay for the second session, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised if it stayed with the script.

The thing is, the black knight was clearly the best of the four knights competing. He actually galloped his horse towards his opponent, rather than cantering it, and had a much better aim at speed. On skill alone, he should have won hands down. I don't know if he's entered any competitive jousts, but I suspect he'd have a much better chance of progressing in them than the other three.

Oh well. Maybe they take it in turns to be the Black Knight?

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