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12:25pm on Saturday, 16th May, 2009:

Left List


I left the shopping list behind today. When I got back, I eventually found it on top of the fridge.

In the past, when I've left the shopping list behind it's generally been as a result of my making some small mistake. This time, though, I was distracted (it was on top of the fridge because I'd gone there to get the milk to make my wife a coffee) and just clean forgot. I'd remembered to put it in my jacket pocket, but didn't actually get around to doing it. However, the "remember to put shopping list in jacket pocket" checkbox had been checked, so that was that.

Here's the list:

As you can see, it's compartmentalised: this is so it corresponds to Sainsbury's store layout, so I don't walk past things I later discover I need. It's one of my great contributions to the weekly shopping routines of the world. This is why I rage when they move things around so my list doesn't match the right locations any more.

Anyway, there are 20 things on that list marked that I need to buy, and I actually remembered them all. I was so confident I'd done so that I didn't even phone my wife to check (which is probably just as well, because it took me 5 minutes to find where I'd left the list when I got home) (and she doesn't like being interrupted when she's on her Wii). I even remembered the "silver scourer thing" she'd put in the odds-and-ends box at the bottom.

I don't know why I'm writing this part — you probably stopped reading when you saw the shopping list so you could nose around the kind of things I regularly buy and laugh at them.

They didn't have the normal sucky yoghurts so I had to get a different sort.

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