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3:33pm on Saturday, 9th May, 2009:

Wiife Fit


My wife is not a great gamer. She doesn't like computer games, because (as a programmer) she spends all day on computers and regards them as work. She doesn't even like card games or board games much, because she gets annoyed by the banter of the other players. It was thus with some reservation that I bought her a Wii for her birthday.

Ho boy, was that ever a mistake.

She plays on it incessantly. In particular, she's a raging fan of Wii Fit. She was on it for two hours this morning, and gawd knows how many this afternoon (I don't, I was mowing the lawn).

Obviously I have no objection to my wife's playing computer games. No, what I object to is the sound effects.: the catchy but annoyingly repetitive tunes, the stomping up and down, and the screams of "Yesss!" when she beats either her own record or the score of my younger daughter, who also plays on it from time to time. It's hard to concentrate on anything at all when there's an aerobics class going on in the next room.

My own games have sound effects too, of course, but I wear headphones. Even if we had some wireless ones for my wife to wear while Wiiing, that would only cut out one of the three sources of noise, though. As a result, I have to wear headphones while she's playing, too.

So far, she's managed to get a Wii age of 34, which is 13 years lower than her actual age. I'm hoping she stops when she reaches her 20s...

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