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6:27pm on Saturday, 16th May, 2009:



We went to see the Star Trek movie today — oh wow! Someone pressed the reset button and it fixed all the problems with the previous movies.

Anyway, we got home and there, waiting in the letter box, was a charity bag from the Arthritis Research Campaign. It was asking for us to fill it full of old clothes and stuff to help find a treatment.


A couple of days ago, we got a charity bag from the Birth Care Association. This came a day or two after one from the National Blind Childrens Society (so short of funds, it can't afford an apostrophe).

I'm guessing that this is the time of year when people throw out their old, winter clothes and buy a new, summer wardrobe. Except, they're not going to do it three times in the same week.

Still, I like to do my best for the environment and recycle, so I've put all these bags in our plastics-to-recycle bag.

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