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11:14pm on Thursday, 16th April, 2009:



Oh yes, they asked the same questions on the green I-94 form I had to fill in on the plane, too. If I were lying, I'd have it all off pat by now.

The flight was surprisingly good. I've never flown Continental (or "Conennel" as the flight attendants called it) before, but I had the impression it was like Delta — about 20 years behind the times. OK, so it was similar in that all the flight attendants were older than I am (!), but otherwise it's a lot better: they had 2 power supplies for every 3 seats, so I could have recharged my netbook if I'd bothered to get it out of my case. I didn't get it out, because they had a nice widescreen format touchscreen monitor and a couple of hundred movies on tap. I watched Citizen Kane for the first time in my entire life. I was also able to watch The Usual Suspects, which I have somehow managed to avoid despite wanting to see it. On the return flight, maybe I'll finally join the masses who have seen Casablance.

I had 3 seats to myself, which was agreeable, and the flight landed early. That means I now have a 6-hour layover in George Bush Airport, Houston, before my flight to Las Vegas. There are two flight before it, but they're completely booked up so I couldn't switch to one of them.

Oh well, 2 of those 6 hours have already passed, so just another 4 to go and I can be in the air again.

I wish the ATMs didn't complain when I tried to take money out of them...

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