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3:31pm on Friday, 17th April, 2009:

That One Thing


This hotel where the IMGDC conference is being held is the "Alexis Resort Hotel". The word "resort" there seems to mean it has several outside pools, and consists of low-lying buildings with apartment-style rooms where there are areas for cooking as well as sleeping and blogging. It reminds me a bit of how they do it at Disneyland. I quite like it, except for That One Thing.

What is That One Thing? Is it the fact there are windows right next to the hallway so passers-by can tell if there's anyone inside or not? No.

Is it the fact that there are more lights than there are switches to turn them on? No.

Is it the coconut lime verbena and warm vanilla sugar scented soaps? No. I'm sure some people like that kind of thing.

No, it's the fact that it's close to the airport and directly aligned with the runway. Every minute or so, there's a huge roar as something either comes in to land or takes off (I think maybe takes off, but I'm hopeless with figuring out where noises come from). It's not great when you're trying to sleep.

The place would be fine if it weren't for That One Thing...

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