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11:20am on Sunday, 14th June, 2009:

Where I Work #8


Continuing the occasional series...

The second-lowest shelf of the unit behind me to the left looks like this:

I had to move my comics boxes to take the photo; I hope you appreciate the risk I took of potentially damaging my back...

This shelf is where I keep my role-playing books. Well, where I keep most of them — my Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition and Aces and Eights books are on top of the comics boxes and all my Call of Cthulhu books are in the bookcase in the garage, as there isn't room for them here. As you can see, there isn't room for Run Out the Guns, Dark Continent or Cyberpunk, either: the reason they're standing in front of all the manuals behind them is that they're in boxes (so can actually stand on one end without flopping open, unlike books).

So, what's behind them?

Well I'm not going to catalogue them all because this is a blog, not an insurance claim form. I have them organised vaguely by topic and system, though: things like GURPS and every edition of are all together behacsue they're systems; things like ... aw nuts, this is going to take so long to describe that I may as well just move everything out of the way again and show you the close-ups so you can read the titles yourself:

Hey, how about that? Sometimes a picture of words is worth a thousand words. Well, five pictures of words...

Above the RPG books are some other games that came in small enough boxes that I could slide them there. I also have some home-made score sheets for games such as Battleships and a very obscure family card game called Mizz. You can see my original, battered D&D box set there, too.

The box at the right-hand side of the shelf contains the AD&D 2nd edition Monster Manual; I only keep it there because at a mid-1990s GenCon I bought some artwork it contains.

Propped up against the wall to the left is my tripod, which I guess I must use maybe once a year on average. I keep it there because that's where it goes.

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