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12:50pm on Saturday, 13th June, 2009:

Wasted Creativity


I took this out from underneath a pile of books this morning:

It's a crossword grid for MUD2. All the words in it are either present in MUD2's text, or are related in some other way (I particularly like the way the I in CASTELLATIONS doubles as the 1 in MUD1). It looks pretty good: all it needs is for me to write the clues that go with the words.

It's needed this since 20th December, 1996, which is when I finished the grid. It's been sitting on my bureau for over a dozen years, waiting for me to complete it. I knew it was there, too — I could see it peeking out from under the books every time I picked one up — so it wasn't as if I'd forgotten it. I'd just not felt in the mood to finish it.

I finally concluded that I'm never actually going to finish it, and indeed publishing the solution here kinda forces that. It took me half a day to make it, though — all that wasted creativity! Still, it was fun to make it, so the waste was only in the fact it wasn't ever used, not in the fact it was constructed.

So many of my projects end up that way...

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