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12:14pm on Monday, 15th June, 2009:

Out of Order


I went to refuel my car at ASDA today. I pulled up to the pump, and discovered a hand-written sign attached to it saying: "This pump is not able to print receipts. Sorry for the inconvenience".

OK, so I wasn't all that fussed about not getting a receipt, so I put in my credit card.

Hmm. What the notice should have said was "out of order". It would appear that the message about receipts was some kind of explanation as to why the pump wasn't working, which drivers are expected to divine for themselves. However, what happens is that drivers read it, figure it must be working because it doesn't say it isn't, and then find that it isn't.

I couldn't reverse to the pump behind me as some other driver had shown up by then, so I drove off. I'll get my petrol somewhere else instead.

This is what comes of giving people more information than they want without any of the information they need.

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