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8:57pm on Thursday, 5th November, 2009:

Light Hearted


We went to see Colchester's firework display in Castle Park this year, as we always do. As usual, the fireworks were excellent, the music far too loud and the presenter far too Michael J. Fitch. I've no idea why they have a professional magician do a 45-minute turn while we wait for the fireworks to start, but they do.

Much as I'd rather have no presenter at all, I have to say that MJF is at least better than the Heart Radio bunch up in the slot before him, who seemed to be under the impression that the louder you shout into a microphone, the more meaningful your words will be. Making the same remarks time and time again about The X Factor didn't make it more amusing, either. Maybe their function was to make MJF look better alongside them?

Whatever, much as I would prefer not to have MJF MCing the fireworks, I don't think he should have to put up with having to work while people in the audience are trying to shine laser pointers into his eyes. That's really not pleasant at all.

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