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9:17pm on Thursday, 5th November, 2009:

Another World


We ate out today in Sloppy Joe's, which is Colchester's very own American Restaurant. American friends of mine who have visited it assure me that the mix of cuisine is about as strange as a European Restaurant would be, but hey, it's better than starving.

Anyway, at the till I noticed a couple of business cards. One was for the restaurant itself; the other was this:

Hmm, free telephone consultations for what?

Well, on the other side it says this:

So you can get free telephone consultations for ... makeup design?

Hmm, well I suppose that is a mobile phone number, therefore you could send an MMS so you'd have some basis for your free consultation, but still...

I showed the card to my wife and younger daughter, but they didn't think there was anything odd about the business model at all.

I'm so glad I'm male; it must be awful for things like this to make some kind of sense.

[I decided not to censor the contact details on the card, by the way, reasoning that they were being given out to get publicity so I wouldn't stand in their way. If you want cosmetic services in East Anglia, look no further...]

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