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9:42am on Tuesday, 3rd November, 2009:

What the Devil?


QBlog readers have been writing in their droves (well, four did, anyway) to tell me what purpose those mysterious dented plates serve. It turns out they're for serving deviled eggs. I guess I should probably call them devilled eggs, seeing as how I'm English and we always double up the Ls here, but they appear to be far more popular in the USA than the UK so maybe there is only one L? I looked them up in my grandmother's Mrs Beeton's but that only has devilled sauce and devilled butter (not even devilled kidney, which I was under the impression used to be a big thing).

I've never had devil(l)ed egg, anyway, which explains my complete ignorance. Few other people in the UK eat them with any regularity either, judging by the stack of unsold ones in the shop (which acts as a kind of clearing house for ends-of-ranges and oops-we-made-too-many-gravy-boat-stands products).

Here's a image of what these plates would look like if filled with devil(l)ed eggs, courtesy of the labours of QBlog reader and worryingly enthusiastic devil(l)ed egg fan, Jane Fleck:

A persuasive argument as to why the plate only has dents round the outside and not in the middle has yet to emege...

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