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4:44pm on Monday, 2nd November, 2009:

2 for £15


I was in Colchester's computer game shop this afternoon, buying myself £65 of computer games (which I really ought to be able to claim tax back on, as they're required by my profession). Among the many fine products on the "2 for £15" PC games display were the following:

Medieval: Total War
Medieval: Total War Gold Edition including the expansion pack, Viking Invasion

Hmm. I don't see many people buying the former if they can buy the latter and get the same thing except it also includes the expansion pack. I certainly didn't, anyway.

Oh, those of you wondering what games I bought for my £65: Football Manager 2010; East India Company; Mount and Blade; plus the afore-mentioned Medieval: Total War Gold Edition. They're all PC games. I'll give my wife some of them to give to me for Christmas. Yes, that is a little sad.

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