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7:16pm on Friday, 15th August, 2008:



I have a cold again, and am consequently feeling miserable.

It's my first cold of the year. I've explained before how awful my colds are, and in that regard this one does not disappoint. When I speak, I sound as if I'm talking through a pillow; when I sleep, I stay semi-conscious for so long that it doesn't feel as if I've had any sleep at all. I've gone through one box of tissues and am a fifth of my way through the second. Urrr...

At least I didn't have it when I spoke in Edinburgh, but then again, it may have been the trip to Scotland that gave me it. Airports and aeroplanes are great sources of exotic germs. Coming back from Italy could have done it, too.

Whatever, make sure you wash your hands after reading any emails coming from me, or you might catch it, too...

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