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5:30pm on Sunday, 8th November, 2009:

Cold Warning


I woke up yesterday morning knowing I was going to get a cold. I could tell from the feeling at the back of my nose that it was going to happen. One of these days, some pharmaceutical company is going to come up with a cold-stopper that you can take at this early stage, but for the moment they probably make more money from symptom-relief remedies (which I'm reluctant to take, because they contain ingredients to cure me of symptoms I don't have anyway, such as headaches).

Unfortunately for me, when I get colds I get sensationally bad colds.

During today, the cold has gradually started to come on. Unless this expired-7-days-ago Blackcurrant Lemsip I'm drinking can stave it off, tomorrow I'll have to speak to students for 3 hours on the trot with a box of tissues next to me. That's never fun either for me or the students, although they should be safe from catching it given how far away from me they seem to like to sit.

Given how viciously colds treat me, I wonder how I'm going to react when I finally contract swine 'flu?

Urrgh ... oh well, at least I'm sitting on top of the conference league with York City in Football Manager 2010, so life's not all bad...

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