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3:58pm on Thursday, 14th August, 2008:



A-level results came out today. This means that thousands of sixth-formers across the UK got to find out which (if any) university they'll be going to in Autumn. My elder daughter was among them.

Results were available from the Sixth Form College at 11am. By then, though, my daughter didn't actually care what she'd got, because she already knew what she really wanted to know: that she was going to her first choice, Bristol. The reason she knew was that she hit the UCAS web site at 6:30 and found it was down while the database was being updated. She figured that this meant it was being updated to reflect students' A-level results. Sure enough, at 7:01 it came back online, she saw the magic "congratulations!", and her scream of delight told us we were spared her climbing up the wall for the next 4 hours.

Bristol is one of the top 10 universities in Europe, so we're really pleased she got in — there were 10 applicants for every place. She's studying Physics on a 4-year BSc/MSc course, which means that she'll leave university right at the moment our younger daughter is ready to go. Well, unless she stays on for a PhD like one of my nieces (hi, Marie!) is doing, also in Physics, at Sussex. Bristol isn't that far from where my brother lives in Wales, so I'll be able to pop over and see him when I'm in the vicinity on haulage duty. Given that I've only actually been to his house once since he moved in 20 years ago, this should be something of an improvement on our filial relations.

Hmm, before I finish up, there are two things you probably want to know (if you've read this far):
1) A Mathematics, A Physics, B French.
2) 116th. Ha, eat that, Stockholm School of Economics!

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