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8:54pm on Thursday, 2nd October, 2008:

Please Insert More Money


Today was the day that the university's car parking regulations began to be enforced. You have to pay your 5p per hour or risk being clamped by a professional clamping company.

After the problems I had last week, I decided to try the other car park. After finding myself a piece of grass to park on, I walked the 75 metres or so to the nearest ticket machine. Needless to say, it was out of order. I went to the next one, and that one was in order, but it kept saying "Please Insert More Money". No matter how much money I or anyone else put in, it kept asking for more. There were two other machines, one of which was out of order, and one of which was, finally, working. I bought myself 20p worth of parking and returned the now 100 metres to my car.

When I got to my desk, naturally there was an email waiting for me saying that because of the broken machines, people without tickets wouldn't be clamped. Oh, but if you had a working parking card, you should nevertheless use it to pay for your parking.

For 5p an hour? Is it really worth all this hassle? FOR 5P AN HOUR?

Jeez, I'd pay 10p an hour if I got to park on asphalt...

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