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11:06am on Friday, 3rd October, 2008:

Chemical Reaction


Reagent 1:
When I went to the optician last week, I got some driving glasses. I don't actually need them — my eyesight is comfortably good enough to pass the minimum criterion — but it annoyed me that I couldn't focus on those 4 pixels in the centre of the screen the far horizon so I got some. I wore them on the drive to Bristol, and they did make a difference. Because they're not all that strong (because my eyes aren't that bad), the instrument panel remained in focus too, which was handy.

Reagent 2:
I had my hair cut yesterday. As usual, my younger daughter noticed instantly, and my wife didn't notice at all. This is almost always what happens. My wife is supernaturally unobservant, but our younger daughter is supernaturally observant (her elder sister is in between, ie. normal). My wife only figured it out when, just as she was going to bed, our daughter asked me, "has she noticed yet?".

When I wear the glasses with the short hair, I look like my dad. Augh!

Worse, I look like a fat version of my dad.

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