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9:52am on Friday, 25th February, 2005:

Tea Time


I expect different teas to taste different. Assam tastes different to Ceylon. I expect different teas from the same area to have variations. Taylors of Harrogate used to put the estate names on their Darjeeling, and some really were consistently better than others.

OK, so the tea itself can be different. What about when they add stuff, though?

I generally drink Earl Grey first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and Darjeeling at all other times. Earl Grey is flavoured with oil of bergamot, which you might have thought would have given a unified bergamot flavour to all Earl Grey teas. For some reason, though, every version of Earl Grey tastes markedly different to every other version. For this reason, whenever I see Earl Grey on sale in a shop from a manufacturer I haven't tried before, I buy it. Hey, it may be better than whatever version I normally drink (Twinings, which is good, but I prefer Taylors when I can get it).

So it is that this morning I finished my first cup of Dilmah Earl Grey, acquired from Tesco. Verdict: it tastes of roses. How on earth can you add the oil of a citrus fruit to tea and make it taste like roses? Don't get me wrong, I like Turkish Delight as much as anyone else, I just don't want my tea to taste of it. If I did, I'd buy rose tea.

Oh well, only 49 more teabags to go then it's back to Twinings...

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