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9:04am on Thursday, 9th June, 2005:

Irredeemable Optimism


Why do I do it? Why? Augh! Why do I always do it?

I'm getting low on Twinings Earl Grey, and I was in the Food Company shop when I spotted they had some Earl Grey by Jacksons of Piccadilly. "Hey, Jackson's of Piccadilly!", I thought to myself. "They're a good make. Maybe their Earl Grey is better than Twinings'?". So I bought a packet of 50 teabags.

They claim that their Earl Grey is made with "the finest back tea delicately flavoured with bergamot". Too delicate for me: I now have several weeks to endure of Earl Grey with no discernable taste of bergamot in it.

Damn damn damn! Why do I always fall for that?

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