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12:22pm on Saturday, 21st July, 2012:

Light Bergamot


Long-term readers of QBlog will know I have a self-given quest to find an Earl Grey I like that they sell locally. My favourite is Taylors of Harrogate, but no-one in these parts sells it; I therefore buy every new kind of Early Grey I see on the shelves in order to be invariably disappointed.

On Thursday, I found myself in Tesco's buying a battery 1mm longer and with a 2mm larger circumference than the one I actually wanted to buy. I walked down the tea aisle and spotted this:

Ridgways of London? Never heard of them, but they have enough clout to get selected by the Tesco tea sourcer so they can't be that bad.

Today, I tried a cup. Hmm, that "light bergamot citrus note" they claim is so light as to be largely undetectable by my palate. I've got 49 more bathwater-flavoured cups to drink now before I'm done with the packet.

Oh well, I'm off up to Yorkshire next week, so hopefully I can pick up sufficient supplies of Taylor's of Harrogate to see me through a couple of months.

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