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12:48pm on Saturday, 1st October, 2005:

In the Air


When my children get a cold, they want to sleep with "the vapouriser" on. The vapouriser is this thing you plug into the wall which gently heats a porous block, gradually releasing the special oil that it has been steeped in into the atmosphere. This special oil consists of a combination of natural plant extracts that helps them breathe while asleep.

It smells vile. Probably not if you have a cold, but if you don't: vile.

Anyway, that's what the shower gel smells like in this hotel. The shampoo smells of lemon/lime and the soap smells of orange blossom.

This is typical of hotels the world over. They have individual bathcare products that have bizarre scents to them. Why would I want to walk around all day smelling of almonds, or coconut, or cinnamon? I don't like any of them. OK, I like orange blossom, but so do bees. If I go outside, am I risking getting swarmed?

Still, I'm probably safe from catching a cold for the next couple of days.

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