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12:10am on Friday, 1st December, 2006:

Holiday Inn


So, here I am in my room on floor number 13 (yes! They didn't miss it out! But they did start at 1) of the Holiday Inn in downtown Manhattan.

The flight over was uneventful, except they forgot to feed me and the woman sitting next to me, and by the time we old them they only had mushroom (which I dislike) or chicken (which I also dislike) and mushroom (again). I think I'll be paying a visit to Little Italy shortly to fill myself up on pasta.

I watched 3 movies, all sequels: Mission Impossible III; Superman Returns; X-Men III. Of these, MI3 was pretty well MI1; Superman Returns was like Superman except there are suggestions that he has his own son now; XM3 killed off 3 main characters and disabled another three, although they'll probably get better. I liked the new Superman actor when he was Superman, but he wasn't great as Clark Kent...

The hotel soap, for hotel soap fans, is guarana and ginger; it smells very strongly of guarana (or at least that's my guess — I've no idea what guarana smells like, but the soap doesn't smell of ginger so it must be guarana).

The hotel has a wireless Internet connection that seems to be free. I wonder how large my bill will be when I discover it's not?

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