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Here is a list of all BARTLEs that appear in the 1881 British census. Its purpose is to act as a reference anchor for BARTLE genealogists searching for other people who are interested in the same family tree. If you see a name that you can link into your own family tree, let me know and I'll identify you as a contact. Other people perusing the list can then get in touch with you to compare notes and exchange data.

This list is not intended as a genealogical resource in itself. It contains just enough information to identify individuals that you might already know of, but nothing much more. This is so as not to compromise the copyright of the compilers of the database from which the records were extracted. If you want full details (gender, marital status, relationship to head of household, occupation) you should obtain a complete copy of the census from the Family Search Online Distribution Center.

The list is organised by regions. Use your browser's Find function (this is control-F for Internet Explorer) to search for particular names within a region. The layout used is as follows:

Address of household
Name of household member #1AgePlace of birth
Name of household member #2AgePlace of birth
Name of household member #3AgePlace of birth
Name of household member #4AgePlace of birth

If someone has recorded an interest in an individual, that individual's name will be highlighted (as with household members #3 and #4 above). This colour is used for individuals who have at least one spouse or child; this colour is used for individuals who have no known spouses or children. Click on the individual's name to find out more about them.


Greater London


3,3 Tuns Square, St Giles Cripplegate, London, Middlesex, England
Mary A. BARTLE61Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England
22 Cloudesley Road, Islington, London, Middlesex, England
Fredk. BARTLE55Ely, Cambridge, England
Eliza BARTLE51Soham, Cambridge, England
George BARTLE26St Lukes
Annie E. BARTLE22Clerkenwell
Fredk. BARTLE17Clerkenwell
Inez BARTLE15Clerkenwell
H. A. BARTLE19Clerkenwell
Ellen BARTLE12Clerkenwell
James BARTLE8Clerkenwell
236 Lancaster Rd, Kensington, London, Middlesex, England
James BARTLE55Camborne, Cornwall, England
Sarah Ann BARTLE55Ireland
Elizabeth BARTLE23Marylebone, Middlesex, England
Jane BARTLE32St Agnes, Cornwall, England
Rosina BARTLE19Marylebone, Middlesex, England
111 Gold Hawk Rd, Hammersmith, London, Middlesex, England
Sarah BARTLE53Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England
2 Commercial Road, Tottenham, Middlesex, England
Ezra BARTLE50Thelf, York, England
Jane BARTLE48Driffield, York, England
69 Arthur St, Chelsea, London, Middlesex, England
David BARTLE49Wrestlingworth, Bedford, England
Hannah BARTLE49South Moreton, Berkshire, England
Hannah BARTLE19Mortlake
Mary BARTLE17Mortlake
Elizabeth BARTLE15Mortlake
David H. BARTLE5Chelsea, Middlesex, England
3 Little Essex St, St Clement Danes, London, Middlesex, England
Hannah BARTLE48Kerry, Lincoln, England
Frank BARTLE18London St Clements, London, Middlesex, England
Thomas BARTLE16London St Clements, London, Middlesex, England
Charles BARTLE14London St Clements, London, Middlesex, England
Katherine BARTLE11London St Clements, London, Middlesex, England
Florence BARTLE5London St Clements, London, Middlesex, England
22 Bay St, Hackney, London, Middlesex, England
Edward BARTLE45Potton, Bedford, England
Ann BARTLE42Gravesend, Kent, England
Taymar BARTLE21Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Edith BARTLE18Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Anne BARTLE14Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
George BARTLE11Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Maria BARTLE8Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
John BARTLE5Dalston, Middlesex, England
1 Barton Court, Shoreditch, London, Middlesex, England
John BARTLE42Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth BARTLE38Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
3 Rillington Place, Kensington, London, Middlesex, England
John Edw. BARTLE39Cambourne, Cornwall, England
Frances V. BARTLE40Reedham, Norfolk, England
Lily BARTLE11Kensington, Middlesex, England
Daisy BARTLE8Kensington, Middlesex, England
Violet BARTLE6Kensington, Middlesex, England
William J. BARTLE2Kensington, Middlesex, England
9 Templeton Rd, Islington, London, Middlesex, England
William BARTLE34(City), Middlesex, England
Alice BARTLE37Witton, York, England
Madeline BARTLE12St Georges W, Middlesex, England
Clara BARTLE11St Georges W, Middlesex, England
William J. BARTLE6St Georges W, Middlesex, England
65 Loando St, Shoreditch, London, Middlesex, England
Caroline BARTLE37Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
William E. BARTLE18Westminster, Middlesex, England
Jessie M. BARTLE10Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Ellen F. BARTLE7Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
69 Brooksbys Walk, Hackney, London, Middlesex, England
Thomas E. BARTLE36West Row, Suffolk, England
Maria BARTLE31Mildenhall, Suffolk, England
Lamport BARTLE12Mildenhall, Suffolk, England
Frank BARTLE8Hackney
George BARTLE6Hackney
Catherine A. BARTLE1Hackney
Fulham Rd (Wansdown Ho), Fulham, London, Middlesex, England
George BARTLE35Mildenhall, Suffolk, England
Elizabeth BARTLE35Mildenhall, Suffolk, England
George BARTLE8Plumstead, Kent, England
Ellen BARTLE6Plumstead, Kent, England
Annie BARTLE2Fulham, Middlesex, England
Chas. BARTLE<1Fulham, Middlesex, England
5 Appleby St, Shoreditch, London, Middlesex, England
William BARTLE34Potton, Bedford, England
73 Ida Street, Bromley, London, Middlesex, England
John BARTLE29Mildenhall, Suffolk, England
John E. BARTLE4Hackney, Middlesex, England
Jane BARTLE27Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England
High Street, Monken Hadley, Middlesex, England
Susannah BARTLE29Wrenthorp, York, England
89 Bingfield Street, Islington, London, Middlesex, England
David BARTLE27Hatley, Cambridge, England
Emma BARTLE21Rochford, Essex, England
Beacon Lodge Strawberry Vale, Twickenham, Middlesex, England
Annie BARTLE26Harpley, Norfolk, England
4 Crawford Villas, Hammersmith, London, Middlesex, England
Eliza BARTLE24Elmham, Norfolk, England
St Marys Hill, Hornsey, Middlesex, England
Frederick BARTLE24Cambridge, England
Amelia BARTLE23Cambridge, England
Frank C. BARTLE<1Islington, Middlesex, England
17 Duke Street, Westminster St James, London, Middlesex, England
K. BARTLE20West Hythe, Kent, England
15 Springfield Rd, Hampstead, London, Middlesex, England
Emily BARTLE19Northelmham, Norfolk, England
442 Strand, St Martin In Fields, London, Middlesex, England
Emily BARTLE17Sutton At Home, Kent, England
22 Hereford St, Bethnal Green, London, Middlesex, England
Francis BARTLE6West Wickham, Cambridge, England



4 Eaton Gardens, Hove, Sussex, England
Mary Ann BARTLE46Bromley, Middlesex, England
Wickham Rd Langley Farm, Beckenham, Kent, England
Francis BARTLE40Mildenhall, Suffolk, England
Caroline BARTLE31Whitechapel, Middlesex, England
Edwd. BARTLE<1W Wickham, Kent, England
Alice BARTLE<1Shortlands, Kent, England
Thomas BARTLE10Finsbury, Middlesex, England
The Grove, Great Saling, Essex, England
Annie BARTLE30Weathersfield, Essex, England
Stanstead Rd, Lewisham, Kent, England
Elizabeth BARTLE29Ware, Cornwall, England
1 West Ham Lane, West Ham, Essex, England
William F. BARTLE28Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England
Emily L. BARTLE28Windsor
Alice E. BARTLE<1Stratford, Essex, England
High Street, Chipping Barnet, Hertford, England
Louisa BARTLE17Paddington, Middlesex, England
27 Baker St S, Reading St Mary, Berkshire, England
Ann BARTLE82Bradfield, Berkshire, England
11 Richmond Street, Southwark St George Martyr, Surrey, England
Grace BARTLE66Unsworth, York, England
16 Grange Walk, Bermondsey, Surrey, England
Hannah BARTLE60Bermondsey
Beny BARTLE26Bermondsey
I. BARTLE21Bermondsey
E. BARTLE13Bermondsey
Margaret BARTLE16Bermondsey
Podmore Road Blenheim House, Wandsworth, Surrey, England
Thomas BARTLE48Wrestlingworth, Bedford, England
Sarah BARTLE50Moreton, Berkshire, England
Frederick H. BARTLE16Mortlake, Surrey, England
Charlotte S.A. BARTLE10Chelsea, Middlesex, England
Hale Place, Farnham, Surrey, England
Sarah A. BARTLE34London Bermondsey, London, Middlesex, England
33 Larnaca St, Bermondsey, Surrey, England
George BARTLE32Bdsey, Surrey, England
Hephzibah BARTLE32Bdsey, Surrey, England
Hephzibah E. BARTLE10Bdsey, Surrey, England
Carlton Rd Wylusem, Putney, Surrey, England
Ellen BARTLE30Watley, Cambridge, England
82 George Row, Bermondsey, Surrey, England
Henry BARTLE29Bermondsey, Surrey, England
Henry BARTLE5Bermondsey, Surrey, England
William BARTLE3Bermondsey, Surrey, England
218 Milkwood Rd, Lambeth, Surrey, England
Charles D. BARTLE26Camborne, Cornwall, England
64 Inville Rd, Newington, Surrey, England
Frederick BARTLE23St Clement Dane, Middlesex, England
Annie BARTLE24Lambeth, Surrey, England
Podmore Road Blenheim House Cottage In Rear, Wandsworth, Surrey, England
Thomas (Junr.) BARTLE20Wandsworth, Surrey, England
Anne BARTLE19Willesden, Middlesex, England
5 Wiltshire Rd, Lambeth, Surrey, England
Eleanor E. BARTLE18Lambeth, Surrey, England

East Anglia


West Stow, Suffolk, England
William BARTLE92Tuddenham, Suffolk, England
Richard BARTLE12Culford Heath, Suffolk, England
Infirmary Kempston, Bedford St Mary, Bedford, England
Thomas BARTLE74Cockayne, Bedford, England
Washingborough, Lincoln, England
Mary BARTLE73Heighington, Lincoln, England
Julia BARTLE17Heighington, Lincoln, England
14 Bigby St, Glanford Brigg, Lincoln, England
Mary BARTLE71Brigg, Lincoln, England
Charlotte BARTLE69Brigg, Lincoln, England
Ann BARTLE59Brigg, Lincoln, England
Jane BARTLE49Brigg, Lincoln, England
Guist Rd, Stibbard, Norfolk, England
Anna Maria BARTLE70Burnham, Norfolk, England
Martha Harriet BARTLE31Stibbard, Norfolk, England
Black Wing Drove, Ely Holy Trinity & St Mary, Cambridge, England
William BARTLE70Ely Trinity, Cambridge, England
Sophia BARTLE44Ely Trinity, Cambridge, England
John BARTLE27Ely Trinity, Cambridge, England
David BARTLE26Ely Trinity, Cambridge, England
Alfred BARTLE16Ely Trinity, Cambridge, England
Priscilla BARTLE10Ely Trinity, Cambridge, England
Oliver BARTLE5Ely Trinity, Cambridge, England
Street, Oulton, Norfolk, England
Abraham BARTLE61Oulton
Elizabeth BARTLE68Cawston, Norfolk, England
"Union", Caxton, Cambridge, England
Thomas BARTLE68Lt. Gransden, Cambridge, England
Pound Rd, Aylsham, Norfolk, England
Carroline BARTLE66Gate Ormesby, Suffolk, England
South Lynn, Norfolk, England
William BARTLE61Wisbech, Cambridge, England
Caroline F. BARTLE62Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England
Georgina BARTLE30Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England
Beech House, Thornham, Norfolk, England
Mary BARTLE62Lynn, Norfolk, England
Mill Lane, Wrestlingworth, Bedford, England
Sophia BARTLE62Wrestlingworth, Bedford, England
Thomas BARTLE22Chatley, Bedford, England
Simeon A. BARTLE15Bedford, Bedford, England
Kendles Cottage, Weasenham St Peter, Norfolk, England
George BARTLE58Denver, Norfolk, England
Mary BARTLE61Swaffham, Norfolk, England
Back Street, Harpley, Norfolk, England
Abraham BARTLE60Harpley, Norfolk, England
Maude BARTLE60Harpley, Norfolk, England
Hanah BARTLE17Harpley, Norfolk, England
Town, Cawston, Norfolk, England
Jacob BARTLE60Lamas, Norfolk, England
North Elmham, Norfolk, England
Henry BARTLE58Worthing, Norfolk, England
Sarah A. BARTLE58Nth Elmham, Norfolk, England
Suannah A. BARTLE28Nth Elmham, Norfolk, England
William BARTLE20Nth Elmham, Norfolk, England
Old Heath, North Elmham, Norfolk, England
Susanna BARTLE58Nth Elmham, Norfolk, England
William G. BARTLE24Nth Elmham, Norfolk, England
Susanna BARTLE22Nth Elmham, Norfolk, England
Henry BARTLE12Nth Elmham, Norfolk, England
William G. BARTLE1Nth Elmham, Norfolk, England
Braken, Belton, Lincoln, England
Thomas BARTLE58Garthorpe, Lincoln, England
William BARTLE25Belton, Lincoln, England
79 Nooking, Haxey, Lincoln, England
John BARTLE55Garthorpe, Lincoln, England
Mary BARTLE57Epworth, Lincoln, England
5 Market Place, Glanford Brigg, Lincoln, England
George BARTLE56Brigg, Lincoln, England
Ann BARTLE55Roby, Lincoln, England
Anna Maria BARTLE29Brigg, Lincoln, England
Henry Robert BARTLE21Brigg, Lincoln, England
John Edward BARTLE19Brigg, Lincoln, England
Ernest BARTLE14Brigg, Lincoln, England
Florence BARTLE8Brigg, Lincoln, England
King Street, Market Rasen, Lincoln, England
William BARTLE55Brigg, Lincoln, England
Lilly BARTLE7Market Rasen, Lincoln, England
Prickwillow Bank, Ely Holy Trinity & St Mary, Cambridge, England
Matthew BARTLE53Ely Trinity, Cambridge, England
Harpley Road, Great Massingham, Norfolk, England
Jacob BARTLE52Harpley, Norfolk, England
Mary BARTLE51Chatteris, Cambridge, England
Herbert H. BARTLE17Harpley, Norfolk, England
Amelia BARTLE10Harpley, Norfolk, England
Rookery Rd, Clenchwarton, Norfolk, England
Francis BARTLE51Clenchwarton, Norfolk, England
Georganna BARTLE15Clenchwarton, Norfolk, England
Alice BARTLE13Clenchwarton, Norfolk, England
Front Street, Huttoft, Lincoln, England
James BARTLE51Brigg, Lincoln, England
Maria A. BARTLE40Wainfleet, Lincoln, England
Charles F. BARTLE20Caistor, Lincoln, England
Mary E. BARTLE16Caistor, Lincoln, England
Arthur J. BARTLE6Gt Grimsby, Lincoln, England
123 Cleethorpes Road, Great Grimsby, Lincoln, England
William BARTLE51Bradford, York, England
Mary BARTLE24Bradford, York, England
Janet BARTLE22Bradford, York, England
Anthony BARTLE18Wike, York, England
Emma BARTLE15Wike, York, England
John William BARTLE9Bradford, York, England
Beatrice A. BARTLE5Bradford, York, England
Turnpike, Wreningham, Norfolk, England
Harriett BARTLE50Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk, England
George BARTLE21West Stowe, Suffolk, England
North Elmham, Norfolk, England
Robert BARTLE50Nth Elmham, Norfolk, England
Mary A. BARTLE49East Bilney, Norfolk, England
Lydia BARTLE23Nth Elmham, Norfolk, England
Robert BARTLE17Nth Elmham, Norfolk, England
John BARTLE14Nth Elmham, Norfolk, England
Hannah BARTLE10Nth Elmham, Norfolk, England
Maria BARTLE8Nth Elmham, Norfolk, England
Timworth, Suffolk, England
William BARTLE50Wordwell, Suffolk, England
Susannah BARTLE44Barton Mills, Suffolk, England
Mary A. BARTLE20Timworth, Suffolk, England
Alfred BARTLE18Timworth, Suffolk, England
Arthur BARTLE17Timworth, Suffolk, England
Walter BARTLE14Timworth, Suffolk, England
Earnest BARTLE10Timworth, Suffolk, England
Ada BARTLE8Timworth, Suffolk, England
Thomas BARTLE7Timworth, Suffolk, England
Anna BARTLE5Timworth, Suffolk, England
Alice BARTLE3Timworth, Suffolk, England
Cecil BARTLE1Timworth, Suffolk, England
Althorpe, Lincoln, England
Johnson BARTLE48Garthorpe W Butterwick, Lincoln, England
Evelina BARTLE48Garthorpe W Butterwick, Lincoln, England
William BARTLE25Garthorpe E Butterwick, Lincoln, England
Juliana BARTLE12Althorpe, Lincoln, England
Mary A. BARTLE5Althorpe, Lincoln, England
32 Mill Lane, St Peter-at-Gowts, Lincoln, Lincoln, England
William BARTLE46Washingboro, Lincoln, England
Emily BARTLE47Duddington, Northampton, England
William H. BARTLE16Branston, Lincoln, England
Louisa BARTLE1Lincoln, England
Corpusty Rd, Oulton, Norfolk, England
John BARTLE45Oulton, Norfolk, England
Isabella BARTLE41Oulton, Norfolk, England
Elijah BARTLE16Oulton, Norfolk, England
Henry BARTLE9Oulton, Norfolk, England
Sarah BARTLE6Oulton, Norfolk, England
Charles BARTLE3Oulton, Norfolk, England
Ethel BARTLE1Oulton, Norfolk, England
Street, Oulton, Norfolk, England
Jacob BARTLE43Little Ormsby, Norfolk, England
Sarah BARTLE43Fundenhall, Norfolk, England
Walter BARTLE13Aylsham, Norfolk, England
Alfred BARTLE6Oulton, Norfolk, England
North Lincs Iron Works, Frodingham, Lincoln, England
Martin BARTLE43Althorpe, Lincoln, England
Frances BARTLE42Althorpe, Lincoln, England
Ada Elizabeth BARTLE15Althorpe, Lincoln, England
Florence BARTLE8Althorpe, Lincoln, England
Emily BARTLE6Althorpe, Lincoln, England
Annie BARTLE8Althorpe, Lincoln, England
Richard Andrew BARTLE2Althorpe, Lincoln, England
Blue Stone, Cawston, Norfolk, England
William BARTLE39Oulton, Norfolk, England
Eliza BARTLE42Cawston, Norfolk, England
George BARTLE15Cawston, Norfolk, England
Cottage, Cockayne Hatley, Bedford, England
James BARTLE40Wrestlingworth, Bedford, England
Jennah BARTLE42Potton, Bedford, England
Edith BARTLE9Hatley, Bedford, England
27 Main Street, Ingoldsby, Lincoln, England
Walter BARTLE40Cresswell, Nottingham, England
Elizabeth BARTLE40Ingoldsby, Lincoln, England
Eliza BARTLE9Ingoldsby, Lincoln, England
Fred BARTLE8Ingoldsby, Lincoln, England
Ethel BARTLE6Ingoldsby, Lincoln, England
Ada BARTLE3Ingoldsby, Lincoln, England
Annie BARTLE1Ingoldsby, Lincoln, England
Infant BARTLE<1Ingoldsby, Lincoln, England
Wicken Farm, Castle Acre, Norfolk, England
John BARTLE40Denver, Norfolk, England
Susanna BARTLE40Rudham, Norfolk, England
George BARTLE12Harpley, Norfolk, England
Anna BARTLE8Harpley, Norfolk, England
Main Road, Harlaxton, Lincoln, England
Sarah BARTLE39Ingoldsby, Lincoln, England
Thos.H. BARTLE13Harlaxton, Lincoln, England
Jane BARTLE10Harlaxton, Lincoln, England
William BARTLE7Harlaxton, Lincoln, England
Arthur BARTLE3Harlaxton, Lincoln, England
"New Diggings" (BeerHouse), Great Gransden, Huntingdon, England
James BARTLE37Hatley St. George, Cambridge, England
Jane BARTLE31Gt Gransden, Huntingdon, England
Sidney BARTLE11Lit Gransden, Cambridge, England
Earnest BARTLE9Lit Gransden, Cambridge, England
Blue Stone, Cawston, Norfolk, England
Henry BARTLE36Oulton, Norfolk, England
Sussanna BARTLE37Aylsham, Norfolk, England
Elila BARTLE9Brawpeth, Durham, England
Frances A. BARTLE7Tanfield, Durham, England
Caroline E. BARTLE6Tanfield, Durham, England
Robert H. BARTLE4Tanfield, Durham, England
John W. BARTLE2Tanfield, Durham, England
Guist Rd, Stibbard, Norfolk, England
Abraham BARTLE33Burnham, Norfolk, England
Sarah BARTLE36Ealing, Middlesex, England
Walter John BARTLE5Stibbard, Norfolk, England
Francis Hugh BARTLE4Stibbard, Norfolk, England
Charley BARTLE2Stibbard, Norfolk, England
Arthur A. BARTLE1Stibbard, Norfolk, England
Fulmodestone Rd, Stibbard, Norfolk, England
William Martin BARTLE36Burnham, Norfolk, England
Georgiana BARTLE34Stibbard, Norfolk, England
Georgiana Maud BARTLE6Stibbard, Norfolk, England
Henry Martin BARTLE5Stibbard, Norfolk, England
Edwin Horace BARTLE3Stibbard, Norfolk, England
Elsie May BARTLE2Stibbard, Norfolk, England
King St, Potton, Bedford, England
George BARTLE35Potton, Bedford, England
Sarah A. BARTLE31Gamlingay, Cambridge, England
Annie BARTLE5Potton, Bedford, England
Sarah BARTLE4Potton, Bedford, England
George BARTLE3Potton, Bedford, England
Omar BARTLE1Potton, Bedford, England
Sarah Ann BARTLE<1Potton, Bedford, England
104 Ripon St, St Peter-at-Gowts, Lincoln, Lincoln, England
Joseph BARTLE35Bradford, York, England
13 St Giles St, Northampton St Giles, Northampton, England
Walter G. BARTLE33Kirton In Lindsey, Lincoln, England
Louisa BARTLE33Derby, Derby, England
Reginald W. BARTLE7Derby, Derby, England
Edith K. BARTLE4Northampton, Northampton, England
Maud BARTLE<1Northampton, Northampton, England
Leonora BARTLE25Kirton In Lindsey, Lincoln, England
Allington, Lincoln, England
George BARTLE30Boughton, Nottingham, England
Annie BARTLE28Beeston, Nottingham, England
George BARTLE3Allington, Lincoln, England
Alice BARTLE1Allington, Lincoln, England
16 Midland Rd, Wellingborough, Northampton, England
Charles BARTLE29Kirton, Lincoln, England
Caroline BARTLE26Midde Rasen, Lincoln, England
Louis BARTLE1Wellingboro, Northampton, England
Percival St, Peterborough, Northampton, England
Walter BARTLE24Clenchwarton, Norfolk, England
Jane BARTLE29Peterborough, Northampton, England
32 Russell Street, Bedford St Paul, Bedford, England
Jane BARTLE28Cockayne Hatley, Bedford, England
High Burnham, Haxey, Lincoln, England
George BARTLE27Black Bull, York, England
Street, Oulton, Norfolk, England
John BARTLE87Oulton, Norfolk, England
Pilfrey North, Belton, Lincoln, England
Johnson BARTLE27Butterwick, Lincoln, England
Post Office Hill, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, England
George BARTLE26Brigg, Lincoln, England
Adelaide M. BARTLE25Wrawby, Lincoln, England
Marion E. BARTLE4Scunthorpe, Lincoln, England
Amy B. BARTLE2Scunthorpe, Lincoln, England
Oscar George BARTLE<1Scunthorpe, Lincoln, England
Priors Yard, Hackford In Aylsham, Norfolk, England
Benjamin BARTLE24Oulton, Norfolk, England
The Rectory Massingham Rd, Grimston, Norfolk, England
Sarah M. BARTLE24Harpley, Norfolk, England
Nr The Crown Cottage, Westhorpe, Suffolk, England
Frederick BARTLE22Timsworth, Suffolk, England
St James St, Castle Acre, Norfolk, England
Agness BARTLE21Harpley
"George William", Great Grimsby, Lincoln, England
William BARTLE21Grimsby, Lincoln, England
Eliza BARTLE19Hull, York, England
West Stow, Suffolk, England
Charles BARTLE20Barton, Suffolk, England
31 London Rd, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England
Hannah BARTLE20Culford Heath, Suffolk, England
Fore Hill, Ely Holy Trinity & St Mary, Cambridge, England
Harriet M. BARTLE20Harpley, Norfolk, England
Farm House, Cockayne Hatley, Bedford, England
James BARTLE20Wrestlingworth, Bedford, England
Common Farm, Belton, Lincoln, England
John Henry BARTLE20Althorpe, Lincoln, England
Padnal Bank, Ely Holy Trinity & St Mary, Cambridge, England
Annie BARTLE18Ely Trinity, Cambridge, England
Josiah BARTLE20Ely Trinity, Cambridge, England
8 Albion Pl, Manthorpe Cum Little Gonerby, Lincoln, England
Hannah BARTLE19Boughton, Nottingham, England
The Rectory, Wrestlingworth, Bedford, England
Ann BARTLE17Wrestlingworth, Bedford, England
29 Brentgovel St, Bury St Edmunds St James, Suffolk, England
Elizabeth BARTLE17North Stow, Suffolk, England
"Suffolk General Hospital" Union Terrace, Bury St Edmunds St Mary, Suffolk, England
Emma BARTLE?Culford, Suffolk, England
Bircham Road, Fring, Norfolk, England
Jesse BARTLE17Clenchwarton, Norfolk, England
Norwich Street, East Dereham, Norfolk, England
Martha BARTLE16North Elmham, Norfolk, England
79 West Street, West Butterwick With Kelfield, Lincoln, England
Selina BARTLE15Althorpe, Lincoln, England
Green Farm, Oulton, Norfolk, England
Emmaline BARTLE14Oulton, Norfolk, England
Old Park Cottage, North Elmham, Norfolk, England
Alice M. BARTLE5Elmham, Norfolk, England
South Elkington, Lincoln, England
Henry BARTLE4Bingley, York, England



Calstock, Cornwall, England
Walter BARTLE71Marytavy, Devon, England
Mary BARTLE70Ashwater, Devon, England
Gregwartha, Wendron, Cornwall, England
Grace BARTLE79Wendron, Cornwall, England
Tangys, Mawgan In Meneage, Cornwall, England
Thomas BARTLE68Mullion, Cornwall, England
Thomas BARTLE27Mawgan, Cornwall, England
Ellen BARTLE27Wendron, Cornwall, England
Bessie BARTLE6Mawgan, Cornwall, England
Martha BARTLE5Mawgan, Cornwall, England
Thomas BARTLE3Mawgan, Cornwall, England
Ellen BARTLE1Mawgan, Cornwall, England
James BARTLE78Mullion, Cornwall, England
Condurrow, Camborne, Cornwall, England
James BARTLE71Wendron, Cornwall, England
Jane BARTLE74Wendron, Cornwall, England
William BARTLE23Wendron, Cornwall, England
Anne BARTLE13Camborne, Cornwall, England
James Hy. BARTLE4Camborne, Cornwall, England
Chelean, Gwennap, Cornwall, England
Mary BARTLE74Stithians, Cornwall, England
Miry Bottom, Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England
William Hy. BARTLE41Gwennap, Cornwall, England
Thomas Hy. BARTLE8Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England
William J. BARTLE5Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England
Ann BARTLE71Gwennap, Cornwall, England
Herness, St Stithians, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE71Wendron, Cornwall, England
Trewavas Lane, Breage, Cornwall, England
Mary BARTLE71Germoe, Cornwall, England
William J. BARTLE17Breage, Cornwall, England
9 Bromley Sqr, (Madron) Penzance, Cornwall, England
Joseph BARTLE67Wendron, Cornwall, England
Jane BARTLE65Towednack, Cornwall, England
Margaret BARTLE43Penzance, Cornwall, England
Sandybottom, St Austell, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth BARTLE65St Agnes, Cornwall, England
Kehelland, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Mary BARTLE65Camborne, Cornwall, England
Amelia Helen BARTLE25Camborne, Cornwall, England
Boswin, Wendron, Cornwall, England
Ann BARTLE64Wendron, Cornwall, England
Elizth. BARTLE40Wendron, Cornwall, England
Emily BARTLE21Wendron, Cornwall, England
St Austell St, St Clement, Cornwall, England
Mary Ann BARTLE64Catdown, Devon, England
Caroline BARTLE30Mary Tavy, Devon, England
Albert John BARTLE<1Truro, Cornwall, England
Little Beside, Gwennap, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth BARTLE62Kea, Cornwall, England
18 Adelaide St, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Jane BARTLE62Camborne, Cornwall, England
6 North Road, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Mary A. BARTLE62Camborne, Cornwall, England
Wheal Julia, Crowan, Cornwall, England
Edward BARTLE60Crowan, Cornwall, England
Mary BARTLE50Lelant, Cornwall, England
Edward R. BARTLE19Crowan, Cornwall, England
Garlidna, Wendron, Cornwall, England
Henry BARTLE57Wendron, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth BARTLE60Wendron, Cornwall, England
Highway, Illogan, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE60St Agnes, Cornwall, England
Willmot BARTLE59Penzance, Cornwall, England
Edwin BARTLE21Illogan, Cornwall, England
Ellen BARTLE19Illogan, Cornwall, England
Emily BARTLE17Illogan, Cornwall, England
Simeon BARTLE15Illogan, Cornwall, England
58 Beacon, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Susan BARTLE60Camborne, Cornwall, England
Eliza BARTLE29Gwinear, Cornwall, England
St Erth, Cornwall, England
Mary A. BARTLE58Ludgvan, Cornwall, England
Mary BARTLE22S Hilary, Cornwall, England
Catharine BARTLE19S Hilary, Cornwall, England
William BARTLE12S Hilary, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE7S Hilary, Cornwall, England
Polgear, Wendron, Cornwall, England
Grace BARTLE55Wendron, Cornwall, England
Charles BARTLE32Illogan, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth BARTLE29Illogan, Cornwall, England
Eliza E. BARTLE22Illogan, Cornwall, England
Ellen BARTLE20Illogan, Cornwall, England
Treswithian Downs, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Richard BARTLE55Camborne, Cornwall, England
Lucy BARTLE39Gwennap, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE15Camborne, Cornwall, England
Jane BARTLE12Camborne, Cornwall, England
William BARTLE7Camborne, Cornwall, England
Richard BARTLE5Camborne, Cornwall, England
17 Wesley St, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth BARTLE54Camborne, Cornwall, England
6 Lower Montague St (Butcher's Shop), Bristol St James In, Gloucester, England
George BARTLE54Birmingham, Warwick, England
Emily BARTLE40Hereford, Hereford, England
Charles BARTLE12Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
Eton House, Illogan, Cornwall, England
Francis BARTLE52Camborne, Cornwall, England
Nanny BARTLE48Illogan, Cornwall, England
Emma BARTLE23Camborne, Cornwall, England
William BARTLE22Camborne, Cornwall, England
James BARTLE18Camborne, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE16Camborne, Cornwall, England
Harriet BARTLE12Camborne, Cornwall, England
Edgar BARTLE7Illogan, Cornwall, England
Gwinear Downs Cottage, Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Bridget BARTLE50Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Elizth J. BARTLE25Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Rebecca BARTLE21Gwinear, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE17Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Josiah BARTLE12Gwinear, Cornwall, England
William BARTLE10Gwinear, Cornwall, England
63 Trevenson St, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Jane BARTLE50Wendron, Cornwall, England
Mary J. BARTLE14Redruth, Cornwall, England
Treswithian Downs, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Richard BARTLE47Camborne, Cornwall, England
Jane BARTLE50Camborne, Cornwall, England
Elizth. BARTLE17Camborne, Cornwall, England
Thomas BARTLE15Camborne, Cornwall, England
Annie BARTLE12Camborne, Cornwall, England
Henry BARTLE10Camborne, Cornwall, England
Grace BARTLE9Camborne, Cornwall, England
Caroline BARTLE7Camborne, Cornwall, England
Kehelland, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Mary BARTLE50Camborne, Cornwall, England
Filtrick, Illogan, Cornwall, England
Mary BARTLE50Wendron, Cornwall, England
13 Church St, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth BARTLE47Camborne, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE22Camborne, Cornwall, England
2 Gas Street, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Harriet BARTLE47Camborne, Cornwall, England
James BARTLE18Camborne, Cornwall, England
Forest, Illogan, Cornwall, England
Jane BARTLE47?
Eliza Jane BARTLE23Illogan, Cornwall, England
William Henry BARTLE17Illogan, Cornwall, England
Thomas John BARTLE13Illogan, Cornwall, England
13 Beacon, Camborne, Cornwall, England
William BARTLE47Crowan, Cornwall, England
Caroline BARTLE45Gwinear, Cornwall, England
Mary Annie BARTLE21Crowan, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE20Crowan, Cornwall, England
Amelia George BARTLE15Crowan, Cornwall, England
Alfred BARTLE14Crowan, Cornwall, England
Jane BARTLE12Crowan, Cornwall, England
Caroline BARTLE10Crowan, Cornwall, England
Gregwartha, Wendron, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE42Wendron, Cornwall, England
Eliza BARTLE44Wendron, Cornwall, England
Higher Penwortha, Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE44Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England
Mary BARTLE32Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England
Annie BARTLE8Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England
Mary BARTLE3Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England
West Villa, Phillack, Cornwall, England
Jane BARTLE43Crowan, Cornwall, England
Condurrow, Camborne, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE43Wendron, Cornwall, England
Elizth.J. BARTLE38Constantine, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE18Wendron, Cornwall, England
Thos. BARTLE15Wendron, Cornwall, England
Ellen BARTLE13Wendron, Cornwall, England
Rd.Hy. BARTLE11Wendron, Cornwall, England
Ed.W. BARTLE10Camborne, Cornwall, England
12 Church St, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Sarah BARTLE43Camborne, Cornwall, England
William BARTLE24Camborne, Cornwall, England
Frank BARTLE22Camborne, Cornwall, England
Annie B. BARTLE20Camborne, Cornwall, England
Josiah B. BARTLE18Camborne, Cornwall, England
Richard BARTLE14Camborne, Cornwall, England
Samuel BARTLE10Camborne, Cornwall, England
Fore St, St Just In Penwith, Cornwall, England
William BARTLE43Wendron, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth BARTLE41Wendron, Cornwall, England
Mary J. BARTLE17Wendron, Cornwall, England
Nicholas J. BARTLE14Wendron, Cornwall, England
Thomasine BARTLE10St Just, Cornwall, England
Samuel C. BARTLE9St Just, Cornwall, England
Commercial St, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Thomas BARTLE40Camborne, Cornwall, England
Julia BARTLE42Camborne, Cornwall, England
Mary BARTLE10Camborne, Cornwall, England
Grace BARTLE8Camborne, Cornwall, England
Florence BARTLE4Camborne, Cornwall, England
Commercial St, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Mary BARTLE42Camborne, Cornwall, England
Little Dartmouth (The Grange), Dartmouth Townstall, Devon, England
Jane BARTLE41Kenwyn, Cornwall, England
Bridge St, Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
Richard BARTLE28Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
Susan BARTLE40Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
Elizabeth A. BARTLE17Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
Townsend, Crowan, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE38Crowan, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth A. BARTLE31Crowan, Cornwall, England
Mary J. BARTLE8Crowan, Cornwall, England
Amanda BARTLE3Crowan, Cornwall, England
Lillie BARTLE1Crowan, Cornwall, England
No 23 Trelowarren St, Camborne, Cornwall, England
William J. BARTLE38Camborne, Cornwall, England
Angelina BARTLE37Camborne, Cornwall, England
19 Arwenack Street, Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Mary Jane BARTLE37Wendron, Cornwall, England
Herland Cross, Breage, Cornwall, England
Eliza W. BARTLE34Crowan, Cornwall, England
William BARTLE14Breage, Cornwall, England
Fredrick BARTLE11Breage, Cornwall, England
Thomas E. BARTLE10Breage, Cornwall, England
Lillie BARTLE8Breage, Cornwall, England
May BARTLE5Breage, Cornwall, England
Ada BARTLE3Breage, Cornwall, England
Blackwater, Kea, Cornwall, England
Mary BARTLE34St Agnes, Cornwall, England
Annie BARTLE17St Agnes, Cornwall, England
Alberta BARTLE16St Agnes, Cornwall, England
Laura M. BARTLE6Kea, Cornwall, England
Lilliam BARTLE1Kea, Cornwall, England
Calvadnack, Wendron, Cornwall, England
Elizth. BARTLE33Wendron, Cornwall, England
Peter BARTLE16Wendron, Cornwall, England
Mary A. BARTLE18?
Church Street, Paul, Cornwall, England
J. R. BARTLE33Colne, Lancashire, England
Harriet Ann BARTLE33Wenhaston, Suffolk, England
John Fred BARTLE8Holton, Suffolk, England
Claremont Terrace, Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Lavinia BARTLE32Camborne, Cornwall, England
34 Trevenson St, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Emma BARTLE30Camborne, Cornwall, England
Market St, Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
John BARTLE30Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
Harriett BARTLE30Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
Wheal Buller, Redruth, Cornwall, England
William BARTLE24Gwennap, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth J. BARTLE24Stithians, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth C. BARTLE5Illogan, Cornwall, England
Susan S. BARTLE<1Illogan, Cornwall, England
Mary J. BARTLE30Gwennap, Cornwall, England
Penventon, Illogan, Cornwall, England
Richard BARTLE29Gwenap, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth E. BARTLE29Illogan, Cornwall, England
Richard BARTLE<1Illogan, Cornwall, England
Burrows, Wendron, Cornwall, England
Jane BARTLE28Carnmenellis
Wheal Buller, Redruth, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE27Gwennap, Cornwall, England
Bothog, Crowan, Cornwall, England
Sarah BARTLE27Gwinear, Cornwall, England
1 Stanley Villa, Walcot, Somerset, England
Jane BARTLE26Kelston, Cornwall, England
3 Tolcarne St, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Eliz. BARTLE22Camborne, Cornwall, England
Thomas E. BARTLE26Camborne, Cornwall, England
Gregwartha, Wendron, Cornwall, England
Alfred BARTLE25Illogan, Cornwall, England
Polly BARTLE24St Day, Cornwall, England
Ellen Jane BARTLE4Redruth, Cornwall, England
Annie BARTLE2Wendron, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE<1Wendron, Cornwall, England
Francis BARTLE<1Wendron, Cornwall, England
Alverton Hill House, (Madron) Penzance, Cornwall, England
Grace BARTLE25Gwinear, Cornwall, England
45 Chapel Street, (Madron) Penzance, Cornwall, England
Mary J. BARTLE25Camborne, Cornwall, England
Elizbth. D. BARTLE16Camborne, Cornwall, England
Wheal Buller, Redruth, Cornwall, England
William BARTLE24Gwennap, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth J. BARTLE24Stithians, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth C. BARTLE5Illogan, Cornwall, England
Susan S. BARTLE<1Illogan, Cornwall, England
Mary J. BARTLE30Gwennap, Cornwall, England
22 Centenary St, Camborne, Cornwall, England
Julia BARTLE23Camborne, Cornwall, England
Annie BARTLE19Camborne, Cornwall, England
Charles BARTLE17Camborne, Cornwall, England
Bessie Jane BARTLE2Redruth, Cornwall, England
High Downs, Crowan, Cornwall, England
Thomas John BARTLE21Wendron, Cornwall, England
Mary BARTLE21Crowan, Cornwall, England
Mabel Namoi BARTLE1Camborne, Cornwall, England
3 Hoskings Row, Redruth, Cornwall, England
William J. BARTLE21Wendron, Cornwall, England
Clarence St, Dartmouth Townstall, Devon, England
Mary G. BARTLE20Redruth, Cornwall, England
Common, Lydney, Gloucester, England
William H. BARTLE17Bradford, York, England
Perran Porth, Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England
Mary E. BARTLE16Perranzabuloe, Cornwall, England
4 Lambhay St, Plymouth St Andrew, Devon, England
Wm.Ed. BARTLE16West Hartlepool
The Hill, Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
William J. BARTLE13Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
Wm.F. BARTLE8Buckfastleigh, Devon, England
Church Street, Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Johnny BARTLE4Wendron, Cornwall, England



6 Heath St, Monks Coppenhall, Cheshire, England
James BARTLE71Nottingham, England
Amelia BARTLE25Perth, Scotland
111 Gt Portwood St, Brinnington, Cheshire, England
Peter BARTLE60Compstall, Derby, England
Sarah E. BARTLE46Stockport, Cheshire, England
Joseph BARTLE21Stockport, Cheshire, England
Lucy BARTLE20Stockport, Cheshire, England
Abigal BARTLE18Stockport, Cheshire, England
Annie BARTLE13Stockport, Cheshire, England
Samuel BARTLE9Stockport, Cheshire, England
Henry BARTLE6Stockport, Cheshire, England
16 Lion Street, Stourbridge, Worcester, England
Thomas BARTLE54Oldswinford, Worcester, England
Ann BARTLE52Stourbridge, Worcester, England
Mary BARTLE32Stourbridge, Worcester, England
Harry BARTLE15Stourbridge, Worcester, England
Village, Chaddesley Corbett, Worcester, England
John BARTLE42Laxton, Nottingham, England
Eliza BARTLE50Laxton, Nottingham, England
140 Sherbourne Rd, Kings Norton, Worcester, England
William BARTLE46Kidderminster, Worcester, England
Maude BARTLE46Princes End, Stafford, England
44 Penkhull New Rd, Stoke Upon Trent, Stafford, England
George BARTLE39Tamworth, Stafford, England
Jane BARTLE41Atherstone, Warwick, England
George James BARTLE13Oldbury, Worcester, England
Francis Jno. BARTLE11Birmingham, Warwick, England
Annie Jane BARTLE10Birmingham, Warwick, England
78 Queen St, Burton Upon Trent, Stafford, England
Joseph BARTLE36Tamworth, Warwick, England
Sarah BARTLE34Tamworth, Stafford, England
Hy... BARTLE11Tamworth, Stafford, England
Ernest BARTLE9Tamworth, Stafford, England
Horace BARTLE7Tamworth, Stafford, England
Joseph BARTLE5Tamworth, Stafford, England
Eva M. BARTLE3Tamworth, Stafford, England
Leonard BARTLE1Tamworth, Stafford, England
Ann E. BARTLE24Tamworth, Stafford, England
64 Gungate St, Tamworth, Stafford, England
Alfred BARTLE31Tamworth, Warwick, England
Annie BARTLE30Smethwick, Warwick, England
Oliver H. BARTLE8Birmingham, Warwick, England
Alfred J. BARTLE5Tamworth, Stafford, England
James BARTLE2Tamworth, Stafford, England
45 West St, Monks Coppenhall, Cheshire, England
James BARTLE30Nottingham, England
Eliza BARTLE30Nottingham, England
Elizabeth BARTLE6Crewe, Cheshire, England
Clara BARTLE5Crewe, Cheshire, England
Eliza BARTLE3Crewe, Cheshire, England
Ada BARTLE<1Crewe, Cheshire, England
16 Edna St, Hyde, Cheshire, England
Mary Ellen BARTLE30St Louis, America
Elizabeth M. BARTLE5St Louis, America
Blanche B. BARTLE1St Louis, America
Clare Gate, Tettenhall, Stafford, England
Sarah J. BARTLE29Birmingham
Coleshill St, Fazeley, Stafford, England
Theophilus BARTLE29Tamworth, Stafford, England
Eliza BARTLE28Sutton Coldfield, Warwick, England
Gertrude H. BARTLE7Kettlebrook, Warwick, England
Florence M. BARTLE4Fazeley, Stafford, England
Bernard BARTLE<1Fazeley, Stafford, England
Church Rd, Kings Norton, Worcester, England
Emma BARTLE28Stourbridge, Worcester, England
3 Halford Terrace, Tamworth, Stafford, England
Alexander BARTLE27Tamworth, Stafford, England
Alice BARTLE27Kislington, Northampton, England
Laurel H. BARTLE3Tamworth, Stafford, England
Reginald P. BARTLE1Tamworth, Stafford, England
Constitution Hill Hillside, Wellington, Shropshire, England
Eliza J. BARTLE25Ironbridge, Shropshire, England
Wilden Lane, Hartlebury, Worcester, England
Stephen BARTLE22Hartlebury, Worcester, England
11 Penny's Yard (Market St), Stourbridge, Worcester, England
Thomas BARTLE20Stourbridge, Worcester, England
2 Swan St & 52 Great Portwood St, Brinnington, Cheshire, England
Mary BARTLE15Stockport, Cheshire, England
William BARTLE12Stockport, Cheshire, England
Sidney BARTLE8Stockport, Cheshire, England
Annie BARTLE4Stockport, Cheshire, England
8 Church Lane, Tamworth, Stafford, England
James BARTLE13Tamworth, Stafford, England
Kneesall, Nottingham, England
William BARTLE74Kneesal, Nottingham, England
Mary BARTLE76Kneesal, Nottingham, England
Milton, West Markham, Nottingham, England
Sarah BARTLE48Egmanton, Nottingham, England
Hezia BARTLE11Egmanton, Nottingham, England
Eliza BARTLE9Egmanton, Nottingham, England
Samuel BARTLE76Sutton, Nottingham, England
9 Park Rd, Lenton, Nottingham, England
George BARTLE75Laxton, Nottingham, England
Elizabeth BARTLE70Hartshorn, Nottingham, England
George BARTLE46Lenton, Nottingham, England
Sarah BARTLE50Beeston, Nottingham, England
Elizabeth BARTLE21Beeston, Nottingham, England
Tom BARTLE19Lenton, Nottingham, England
James BARTLE16Lenton, Nottingham, England
Knapenny, Laxton, Nottingham, England
Jonathon BARTLE20Laxton, Nottingham, England
Maria BARTLE74Moorhouse, Nottingham, England
Bryan BARTLE14Ossington, Nottingham, England
Caunton, Nottingham, England
Sarah BARTLE73Norwell, Nottingham, England
Styrrup, Nottingham, England
Mary A. BARTLE70London, Middlesex, England
Charles BARTLE31Croydon, Cambridge, England
1 Melbourne Place George Street, Aston, Warwick, England
John BARTLE66Keighley, York, England
Sarah BARTLE65Penns, Warwick, England
Gordon Square 3, Newark Upon Trent, Nottingham, England
Henry BARTLE65Newark, Nottingham, England
28 Cheapside, Worksop, Nottingham, England
Sarah BARTLE63Moorhouse, Nottingham, England
Ossington Road, Kneesall, Nottingham, England
George BARTLE62Wellow, Nottingham, England
Dorothy BARTLE57Laxton, Nottingham, England
Walter BARTLE24Laxton, Nottingham, England
William BARTLE19Kneesal, Nottingham, England
Henry BARTLE15Kneesal, Nottingham, England
Watling St, Wilnecote, Warwick, England
Mary Ann Thorpe BARTLE62Fleet Fen, Lincoln, England
Emily BARTLE23Fleet Fen, Lincoln, England
Pentrich Lane, Pentrich, Derby, England
John BARTLE59Knesl, Nottingham, England
Sarah BARTLE55Warsop, Nottingham, England
William BARTLE20Morton, Derby, England
Thomas BARTLE15Tibshelf, Derby, England
Emma Elizabeth BARTLE11Oakerthorpe Parish Of Southwinfield, Derby, England
Kneesall, Nottingham, England
Sarah BARTLE59Kneesal, Nottingham, England
John BARTLE23Kneesal, Nottingham, England
James BARTLE19Kneesal, Nottingham, England
Joseph BARTLE17Kneesal, Nottingham, England
Laxton, Nottingham, England
Mary BARTLE58Laxton, Nottingham, England
Brimington Common Grove Lane, Brimington, Derby, England
William BARTLE50Laxton, Nottingham, England
Mary BARTLE55Southwell, Nottingham, England
Georgeannah BARTLE19Brimington, Derby, England
Paradise Row, Nottingham Standard Hill, Nottingham, England
Mary A. BARTLE54Nottingham, England
The Old Vicarage, Laxton, Nottingham, England
John BARTLE53Laxton, Nottingham, England
Eliza BARTLE41Lound, Nottingham, England
Sam BARTLE5Laxton, Nottingham, England
London Road, Ordsall, Nottingham, England
Jonathan BARTLE53Treswell, Nottingham, England
Alice BARTLE23Boughton, Nottingham, England
42 Cheapside, Worksop, Nottingham, England
William BARTLE37Moorhouse, Nottingham, England
Caroline BARTLE47Stratton, Gloucester, England
Caroline M. BARTLE11Worksop, Nottingham, England
Sarah E. BARTLE10Worksop, Nottingham, England
Rosamund E. BARTLE3Worksop, Nottingham, England
Middle Lane, Clarborough, Nottingham, England
George BARTLE46Clarboro, Nottingham, England
Maria BARTLE44Darlton, Nottingham, England
Imin BARTLE11Clarboro, Nottingham, England
Sarah BARTLE6Clarboro, Nottingham, England
Jane BARTLE4Clarboro, Nottingham, England
Florance BARTLE3Clarboro, Nottingham, England
Stone Road End Farm, Tuxford, Nottingham, England
Jonathan BARTLE44Laxton, Nottingham, England
Eliza BARTLE44Laxton, Nottingham, England
Sabina BARTLE17Laxton, Nottingham, England
Herbert BARTLE15Ossington, Nottingham, England
George BARTLE13Ossington, Nottingham, England
8 Laural St, Nottingham St Mary, Nottingham, England
Eliza BARTLE43Nottingham, England
George BARTLE19Nottingham, England
John BARTLE17Nottingham, England
Fanny BARTLE14Nottingham, England
Sarah E. BARTLE11Nottingham, England
William BARTLE7Nottingham, England
Wellhouse Rd, Clarborough, Nottingham, England
Joseph BARTLE42Clarborough, Nottingham, England
Jane BARTLE41Clarborough, Nottingham, England
John BARTLE19Clarborough, Nottingham, England
Tom BARTLE17Clarborough, Nottingham, England
Henry BARTLE15Clarborough, Nottingham, England
Elizabeth BARTLE14Clarborough, Nottingham, England
George BARTLE12Clarborough, Nottingham, England
William BARTLE10Clarborough, Nottingham, England
Fred BARTLE<1Clarborough, Nottingham, England
Mansfield, Nottingham, England
George BARTLE41Nottingham, England
Mary BARTLE37Lincoln, England
Florence BARTLE9Mansfield
Henry BARTLE6Mansfield
Willis BARTLE2Mansfield
No 3 Newgate St, Worksop, Nottingham, England
Samuel BARTLE41Croydon, Cambridge, England
Ann BARTLE35Retford, Nottingham, England
John BARTLE15Retford, Nottingham, England
James BARTLE14Retford, Nottingham, England
Henry BARTLE12Retford, Nottingham, England
George BARTLE10Retford, Nottingham, England
Ann E. BARTLE9Retford, Nottingham, England
Fanny BARTLE3Worksop, Nottingham, England
Frank BARTLE1Worksop, Nottingham, England
Roadway, Bedworth, Warwick, England
William BARTLE38Polesworth, Warwick, England
Ann BARTLE37Bedworth, Warwick, England
Martha BARTLE11Polesworth, Warwick, England
James BARTLE9Polesworth, Warwick, England
Wm.Jas. BARTLE7Amington Stoney Delph
Mary BARTLE4Bedworth
Emma BARTLE<1Bedworth, Warwick, England
Hospital Row, Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottingham, England
Maria BARTLE37Mansfd Woodhouse, Nottingham, England
Katey BARTLE8Maskoka, Canada
4 South View Cottes Cheapside, Worksop, Nottingham, England
George BARTLE36Moorhouse Laxton, Nottingham, England
Louisa BARTLE34Hyson Green Radford, Nottingham, England
George W. BARTLE11Worksop, Nottingham, England
Henry BARTLE10Worksop, Nottingham, England
22 Gregory St Red Cow, Lenton, Nottingham, England
James BARTLE36Laxton, Nottingham, England
Florence BARTLE27Ratcliffe, Nottingham, England
Sarah Ann BARTLE31Laxton, Nottingham, England
White Hut, Hungarton, Leicester, England
John BARTLE23Kings Lynn
Annie BARTLE30Stroud, Gloucester, England
12 Soresby St, Chesterfield, Derby, England
John BARTLE30Mansfield, Nottingham, England
Elizabeth BARTLE30Ashover, Derby, England
John Wm. BARTLE5Oakenthorpe, Derby, England
191 Garrison Lane, Aston, Warwick, England
William W. BARTLE30Birmingham
Sarah BARTLE27Brierley Hill, Stafford, England
Annie F. BARTLE13Birmingham
George W. BARTLE2 (BS), Spain
24 Lower Talbot St, Nottingham St Mary, Nottingham, England
Herbert BARTLE28Hull, York, England
Chapel Yard, Kneesall, Nottingham, England
Frederick BARTLE27Kneesal, Nottingham, England
Mary BARTLE22Tuxford, Nottingham, England
Ernest BARTLE1Kneesal, Nottingham, England
Herbert BARTLE<1Kneesal, Nottingham, England
Village Street, Cromwell, Nottingham, England
John BARTLE25Bevercotes, Nottingham, England
Lilian BARTLE21Sheffield, York, England
Mary BARTLE<1Cromwell, Nottingham, England
James BARTLE27Bevercotes, Nottingham, England
Alice BARTLE26Girton, Nottingham, England
30 Handle St Pt House, Nottingham St Mary, Nottingham, England
Ann BARTLE26Nottingham, England
William BARTLE24Nottingham, England
Anny BARTLE<1?
85 North Gate, Newark Upon Trent, Nottingham, England
Sarah BARTLE26Daxton, Nottingham, England
35 High Street Bulls Head Hotel, Loughborough, Leicester, England
Fanny BARTLE25Laxton, Nottingham, England
Newcastle 1 Terrace Alfreton Rd, Basford, Nottingham, England
Rebecca BARTLE25Kirkby In Ashfield, Nottingham, England
11,13,15,19 Lister Gate, Nottingham St Peter, Nottingham, England
Albert BARTLE22Whitwell, Derby, England
1 Bridgegate White Hart Hotel, East Retford, Nottingham, England
Emma BARTLE21Clarborough, Nottingham, England
Beauchamp House, Leamington Priors, Warwick, England
Mary BARTLE17Loxton, Nottingham, England
Laxton, Nottingham, England
Mary BARTLE16Egmanton, Nottingham, England
31 Alma St, Alfreton, Derby, England
Ellen BARTLE15Shirland, Derby, England
3 Rose Mount, Winshill, Derby, England
Ada B. BARTLE14Tamworth, Stafford, England
Laxton, Nottingham, England
Martha BARTLE13Egmanton, Nottingham, England
Sarah BARTLE9Egmanton, Nottingham, England
Middle Lane, Clarborough, Nottingham, England
James BARTLE7Clarboro, Nottingham, England
Joseph BARTLE5Clarboro, Nottingham, England
Samuel BARTLE4Clarboro, Nottingham, England



21 Lowther St, Briton Ferry, Glamorgan, Wales
John BARTLE72Taibach, Glamorgan, Wales
Ann BARTLE70Gilford, Cornwall, England
5 Albert Ter, Llantwit Lower, Glamorgan, Wales
Elizabeth BARTLE59St Enoder, Cornwall, England
Ellen BARTLE32Truro, Cornwall, England
Penygawsi, Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales
Peter Opie BARTLE47Wendrow, Cornwall, England
Avis BARTLE45Wendrow, Cornwall, England
John N. BARTLE19Wendrow, Cornwall, England
Peter BARTLE15Wendrow, Cornwall, England
Elizabeth BARTLE12Wendrow, Cornwall, England
Emily BARTLE8Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales
Avis BARTLE7Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales
Vivian Square, Aberavon, Glamorgan, Wales
Robert BARTLE46Taibach, Glamorgan, Wales
Margaret Maria BARTLE24London Woolwich, London, Middlesex, England
Robert BARTLE17Cwmavon, Glamorgan, Wales
Margaret Jane BARTLE14Brecknock, Wales
John Samuel BARTLE13Taibach, Glamorgan, Wales
Thomas BARTLE11Taibach, Glamorgan, Wales
Clare BARTLE9Taibach, Glamorgan, Wales
Edith Mary BARTLE2Aberavon, Glamorgan, Wales
Penygawsi, Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales
John BARTLE43Wendrow, Cornwall, England
Anne BARTLE40Crowan, Cornwall, England
Edward H. BARTLE20Wendrow, Cornwall, England
John BARTLE18Wendrow, Cornwall, England
Mary J. BARTLE16Wendrow, Cornwall, England
Nicholas BARTLE14Wendrow, Cornwall, England
Samuel Thos. BARTLE12Wendrow, Cornwall, England
Annie BARTLE10Crowan, Cornwall, England
Bessie BARTLE4Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales
Frederick A. BARTLE<1Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales
25 Nantymole Row, Llangeinor, Glamorgan, Wales
Dd. BARTLE41Taibach, Glamorgan, Wales
Rachel BARTLE40Llangeler, Carmarthen, Wales
Mary BARTLE12Llangeinor, Glamorgan, Wales
Hannah BARTLE9Llangeinor, Glamorgan, Wales
Benjamin T. BARTLE5Llangeinor, Glamorgan, Wales
Richard BARTLE3Llangeinor, Glamorgan, Wales
David BARTLE<1Llangeinor, Glamorgan, Wales
52 Court Street, Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, Wales
Thomas BARTLE41Neath, Glamorgan, Wales
6 Pill Road, Caldicot, Monmouth, Wales
William BARTLE37Blanavon
Mary Ann BARTLE38Dowlais, Glamorgan, Wales
Phillip BARTLE18Dowlais, Glamorgan, Wales
Caroline BARTLE17Blanavon
Mary Ann BARTLE15Abersychan
Elizth.Esther BARTLE14Cross Pin Maen
Laura BARTLE12Crumlin
Emma BARTLE10Crumlin
William BARTLE8Crumlin
Clara BARTLE5Crumlin
Frederick BARTLE4Caldicot
Alice Maud BARTLE3Caldicot
5 Turburville 2nd Row, Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, Wales
Rhieds BARTLE35Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, Wales
Near Cross Inn, Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales
Stephen BARTLE32Perranzabulloer, Parish Of, Cornwall, England
Thurza BARTLE28Perranzabulloer, Parish Of, Cornwall, England
Beatrice BARTLE7Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales
William G. BARTLE5Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales
Mary Ann BARTLE3Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales
Edith BARTLE2Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales
Stephen BARTLE<1Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales



39 Sefton St, North Meols, Lancashire, England
Cephax BARTLE25Hyde, Cheshire, England
Mary BARTLE70Chinley, Derby, England
Ellen BARTLE28Hyde, Cheshire, England
21 York St, Clitheroe, Lancashire, England
William BARTLE70Clitheroe, Lancashire, England
Anne BARTLE46Derby, Derby, England
12 Lenches, Great & Little Marsden, Lancashire, England
Mary BARTLE69Colne, Lancashire, England
Tongend, Spotland, Lancashire, England
Betty BARTLE66Whitworth, Lancashire, England
Edward BARTLE28Whitworth, Lancashire, England
Eliz. BARTLE24Whitworth, Lancashire, England
James Wm. BARTLE4Whitworth, Lancashire, England
9 Hall St, Spotland, Lancashire, England
Robert BARTLE59Whitworth, Lancashire, England
Mary BARTLE57Whitworth, Lancashire, England
Alice Ann BARTLE24Whitworth, Lancashire, England
David BARTLE18Whitworth, Lancashire, England
Mary BARTLE14Whitworth, Lancashire, England
"The Union Workhouse" Briercliffe Road, Burnley, Lancashire, England
John BARTLE53Colne, Lancashire, England
51 Portland St, North Meols, Lancashire, England
Albert E. BARTLE33Beeston, York, England
Alice BARTLE52Holbeck, York, England
14 St John Street Bunkers Hill, Colne, Lancashire, England
Ann BARTLE52Colne, Lancashire, England
Thomas BARTLE14Hartlepool, Durham, England
Arkholme With Cawood, Lancashire, England
Joseph BARTLE48Clitheroe, Lancashire, England
Freshfield College, Formby, Lancashire, England
George (D D) BARTLE30Farnsfield, Nottingham, England
Annie E. BARTLE44Walton, Lancashire, England
Annie G. BARTLE16Walton, Lancashire, England
Marion E. BARTLE15Walton, Lancashire, England
George L. BARTLE13Walton, Lancashire, England
William G. BARTLE11Walton, Lancashire, England
Clement M. BARTLE10Walton, Lancashire, England
Catherine F.D. BARTLE8Formby, Lancashire, England
Emily F. BARTLE6Formby, Lancashire, England
Claud H. BARTLE4Formby, Lancashire, England
Ernest A. BARTLE3Formby, Lancashire, England
Old Birches Healey, Spotland, Lancashire, England
Mary BARTLE44Spotland, Lancashire, England
James BARTLE20Spotland, Lancashire, England
John Thos. BARTLE17Spotland, Lancashire, England
Martha Ann BARTLE15Spotland, Lancashire, England
Whitworth, Spotland, Lancashire, England
William BARTLE40Spotland, Lancashire, England
Anne BARTLE43Spotland, Lancashire, England
14 Lee Road, Spotland, Lancashire, England
John BARTLE42Whitworth, Lancashire, England
Sarah BARTLE39Whitworth, Lancashire, England
James S. BARTLE18Whitworth, Lancashire, England
John Wm. BARTLE16Whitworth, Lancashire, England
Hannah BARTLE14Whitworth, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth BARTLE12Whitworth, Lancashire, England
Edward BARTLE8Whitworth, Lancashire, England
Sarah Ann BARTLE6Bacup, Lancashire, England
16 Lenches, Great & Little Marsden, Lancashire, England
Thomas BARTLE39Marsden, Lancashire, England
Edward BARTLE12Foulridge, Lancashire, England
10 Southbank Road, North Meols, Lancashire, England
James BARTLE38Gloucester, England
Ann BARTLE32Cheshire, England
Sarah BARTLE5Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
Tong End, Spotland, Lancashire, England
Alice BARTLE36Spotland, Lancashire, England
Emma BARTLE13Spotland, Lancashire, England
James BARTLE11Spotland, Lancashire, England
Eliz.Alice BARTLE9Spotland, Lancashire, England
Florence BARTLE6Spotland, Lancashire, England
John Wm. BARTLE4Spotland, Lancashire, England
46 Rumney Rd, Kirkdale, Lancashire, England
Harry BARTLE25Overton, York, England
Eliza BARTLE31Lincoln, England
George BARTLE1Wakefield, York, England
65 Burnley Rd, Great & Little Marsden, Lancashire, England
Jane Ann BARTLE30Liskeard, Cornwall, England
Emma BARTLE28Liskeard, Cornwall, England
Eliza BARTLE26Liskeard, Cornwall, England
Jessica BARTLE24Liskeard, Cornwall, England
Arthur Herbert BARTLE12Plymouth, Devon, England
Ada Florence BARTLE10Plymouth, Devon, England
Mabel BARTLE4Colne, Lancashire, England
"Union Workhouse" Winton, Barton Upon Irwell, Lancashire, England
Sarah Ann BARTLE29Kidderminster
Stephen BARTLE<1Barton Upon Irwell, Lancashire, England
21 Rochester St, Burnley, Lancashire, England
Michael BARTLE27Ireland
Sarah BARTLE25Burnley, Lancashire, England
John Thomas BARTLE1Burnley, Lancashire, England
13 Burton St, Rishton, Lancashire, England
Joseph BARTLE26Camborne, Cornwall, England
Philippa BARTLE26St Ives, Cornwall, England
Francis BARTLE4Rishton, Lancashire, England
Philippa BARTLE2Rishton, Lancashire, England
1 H 1 Ct B Leece St, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
Ellen M. BARTLE21Suffolk, England
Duke Street, Dalton In Furness, Lancashire, England
Rachel BARTLE20Blackdown, Devon, England
18 Oxford Street, Accrington, Lancashire, England
Sarah A. BARTLE20Knaresborough, York, England
28 Welbeck St, Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire, England
Harriet E. BARTLE19Openshaw Nr Manchester, Lancashire, England
Hill, Kirkby Ireleth, Lancashire, England
Samuel J. BARTLE19Kirkby Ireleth, Lancashire, England
30 Singleton Row, Preston, Lancashire, England
Anne BARTLE18Leyland, Lancashire, England
74 Bank Parade, Burnley, Lancashire, England
Alice BARTLE17Knaresboro, York, England
8 Allen St, Burnley, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth Ann BARTLE16Burnley, Lancashire, England
11 Lovely Lane, Warrington, Lancashire, England
Laura BARTLE16Monmouth, England
Whitworth, Spotland, Lancashire, England
John Lord BARTLE4Whitworth, Lancashire, England



8 Primrose St, Manningham, York, England
Hannah BARTLE80Thornton, York, England
"North Bierley Union Workhouse", Clayton, York, England
Jonas BARTLE80Denholme, York, England
Gurland Lane, Portington & Cavil, York, England
John BARTLE49Howden, York, England
Ann BARTLE74Gowdle, York, England
New-Be-Gin Farmhouse, North Bierley, York, England
James BARTLE73North Bierley, York, England
John BARTLE40North Bierley, York, England
Betty BARTLE34North Bierley, York, England
Emma J. BARTLE3North Bierley, York, England
14 Sawrey Place, Horton In Bradford, York, England
Sidney BARTLE38Birstall, York, England
Sarah A. BARTLE40Chester, Cheshire, England
Edith M. BARTLE4Bradford, York, England
Mabel L. BARTLE3Bradford, York, England
Jessie A. BARTLE<1Bradford, York, England
Harriet BARTLE71Birstall, York, England
"Keighley Workhouse" Oakworth Rd, Keighley, York, England
Thomas BARTLE71Downham, Norfolk, England
Green Market, Wyke In Bradford, York, England
Clara BARTLE14Wyke, York, England
Annie BARTLE9Wyke, York, England
Benjamin BARTLE70East Bierley, York, England
Hannah BARTLE66North Bierley, York, England
Green Lane, Shelf, York, England
John BARTLE65Shelf, York, England
Sarah BARTLE70North Bierley, York, England
Wade House Lane, Shelf, York, England
William BARTLE69North Bierley, York, England
Sarah BARTLE67North Bierley, York, England
"North Bierley Union Workhouse", Clayton, York, England
John BARTLE66North Bierley, York, England
Sherriff Road, Bingley, York, England
Thompson BARTLE65Shipley, York, England
Woodlands, North Bierley, York, England
Rachel BARTLE64North Bierley, York, England
Green Market, Wyke In Bradford, York, England
Sarah BARTLE64N Bierley, York, England
Frickley Farm, Clayton Cum Frickley, York, England
Joseph BARTLE62Harewood, York, England
Caroline F. BARTLE50Sherburn, York, England
Annie BARTLE15South Milford, York, England
Moor Edges, Hatfield In Thorne, York, England
William BARTLE62Garthorpe, Lincoln, England
Church St, Wyke In Bradford, York, England
David BARTLE61Wibsey, York, England
Hannah BARTLE59Wibsey, York, England
12 Bean Street, Holy Trinity, Kingston-upon-Hull, York, England
Dorothea BARTLE61W Halton, Lincoln, England
Dora J. BARTLE29Hull, York, England
"North Bierley Union Workhouse", Clayton, York, England
Abraham BARTLE60Wilsden, York, England
56 Low Moor Side, Holbeck, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE60Holbeck, York, England
16 Berwick Terr, Hunslet, York, England
James BARTLE58Hunslet, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE60Harrogate, York, England
60 Prospect St, Northowram, York, England
Benjamin BARTLE51Northowram, York, England
Hannah BARTLE60Shelf, York, England
12 John St, Bingley, York, England
William BARTLE57Wilsden, York, England
Jane BARTLE60Wilsden, York, England
Alfred BARTLE21Wilsden, York, England
George BARTLE18Bingley, York, England
Albion St, North Bierley, York, England
John BARTLE60North Bierley, York, England
Sarah BARTLE60Clayton, York, England
Lucy BARTLE27Shelf, York, England
Willie BARTLE19Shelf, York, England
Main Street, Wilsden, York, England
John BARTLE60Wilsden Bradford, York, England
Martha BARTLE43Thornton, York, England
Albert BARTLE18Wilsden Bradford, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE16Wilsden Bradford, York, England
Ann BARTLE14Wilsden Bradford, York, England
Wilfred BARTLE10Wilsden Bradford, York, England
Merinda BARTLE3Wilsden Bradford, York, England
Ethel BARTLE<1Wilsden Bradford, York, England
Bragg Lane End, Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe, York, England
Mary BARTLE60Wrenthorpe, York, England
John Thomas BARTLE25Lincoln, Lincoln, England
Mary Ann BARTLE13Wrenthorpe, York, England
307 Southfield Lane, Horton In Bradford, York, England
Edward S. BARTLE59Bradford, York, England
Martha S. BARTLE59Bradford, York, England
Fred S. BARTLE<1Bradford, York, England
10 Cobden St, Keighley, York, England
John BARTLE59Keighley, York, England
Nancy BARTLE59Bingley, York, England
Alfred BARTLE19Keighley, York, England
Wm. BARTLE17Keighley, York, England
Temperance St, Wyke In Bradford, York, England
John BARTLE59Wibsey, York, England
Emma BARTLE56Low Moor, York, England
Mary J. BARTLE19Wike, York, England
John K. F. BARTLE16Wike, York, England
Maria BARTLE14Wike, York, England
High St, Morley, York, England
Richard BARTLE59Bradford, York, England
Mary BARTLE57Bradford, York, England
Priscilla BARTLE21Gildersome Leeds, York, England
Harriet BARTLE18Gildersome Leeds, York, England
Mary Ann BARTLE15Morley Batley, York, England
12 Old Hall Road, Attercliffe Cum Darnall, York, England
Robert BARTLE50Lynn, Norfolk, England
Sarah BARTLE59Sutterton, Lincoln, England
Selina BARTLE25Lynn, Norfolk, England
Allen James BARTLE23Lynn, Norfolk, England
20 Temple St, Keighley, York, England
Sarah BARTLE59Bradford, York, England
Hannah BARTLE48Bradford, York, England
Toftshaw Moorside, North Bierley, York, England
Sarah BARTLE59North Bierley, York, England
Mary E. BARTLE20North Bierley, York, England
24 Lodge Gate, Thornton In Bradford, York, England
Joseph BARTLE58Denholme, York, England
Susey BARTLE55Denholme, York, England
Emma BARTLE34Denholme, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE21Denholme, York, England
Ada BARTLE13Denholme, York, England
Northowram, York, England
John BARTLE57York, England
Martha BARTLE58York, England
81 Prospect St, Northowram, York, England
George BARTLE57Shipley, York, England
Sarah BARTLE46Apperley Bridge, York, England
Rose Ann BARTLE23Manningham, York, England
Thompson BARTLE15Northowram, York, England
Fred BARTLE13Northowram, York, England
Grace Isabella BARTLE9Northowram, York, England
George BARTLE7Northowram, York, England
Paradise Pl, Wyke In Bradford, York, England
Thomas BARTLE57Wike, York, England
Benjamin BARTLE20Wike, York, England
Harriet BARTLE18Wike, York, England
Martha Ann BARTLE16Wike, York, England
Nelson St, Clayton, York, England
William BARTLE57Mountain, York, England
Mary BARTLE54Mountan, York, England
Fred BARTLE22Queansby, York, England
Herbert BARTLE3?
New Brighton, Shipley, York, England
Alice BARTLE56Bingley, York, England
1 Upper Green, Horton In Bradford, York, England
James BARTLE55Northawrm, York, England
Emma BARTLE56Gt Horton, York, England
Joe. BARTLE22Gt Horton, York, England
Helena BARTLE16Gt Horton, York, England
Mary Emma BARTLE1Gt Horton, York, England
Anderson St., Wilsden, York, England
Jane BARTLE56Wilsden, York, England
Lydia BARTLE30Wilsden, York, England
Sarah J. BARTLE24Wilsden, York, England
Clarence Pl, Clifton In York, York, England
Jane D. BARTLE56York, York, England
Leeds & Selby Road Brookfield, Swillington, York, England
David BARTLE55Adel, York, England
Jane BARTLE49Barwick In Elmet, York, England
John C. BARTLE18Whitkirk, York, England
Amy BARTLE17Whitkirk, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE15Whitkirk, York, England
Sarah Jane BARTLE51Adel, York, England
Bairstows Blds, Thornton In Bradford, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE55Thornton, York, England
19 Westmount St, Holbeck, York, England
John BARTLE55Halifax, York, England
Mary BARTLE51Halifax, York, England
Louisa BARTLE27Halifax, York, England
Alfred BARTLE22Halifax, York, England
Enoch BARTLE20Holbeck, York, England
Mary BARTLE15Holbeck, York, England
Ollando BARTLE3Holbeck, York, England
19 Nippet Pl, Leeds, York, England
Sarah BARTLE55Farnley, York, England
Shelf Hall Lane, Shelf, York, England
Joseph BARTLE53Shelf, York, England
Hannah BARTLE54Norwood Green, York, England
David BARTLE17Shelf, York, England
Beckside Villa, Wilsden, York, England
James BARTLE54Haworth, York, England
Sarah BARTLE51Wilsden, York, England
Judath BARTLE25Wilsden, York, England
John BARTLE22Wilsden, York, England
M.Ann BARTLE20Wilsden, York, England
Samuel BARTLE17Wilsden, York, England
Mathew BARTLE16Wilsden, York, England
Roland BARTLE12Wilsden, York, England
Rhoda BARTLE10Wilsden, York, England
St Saviourgate, York St Saviour, York, England
Hannah BARTLE53Brigg, Lincoln, England
49 Jane St, Idle, York, England
Frank BARTLE49Norfolk, England
Nancy BARTLE53Burley, York, England
Mary BARTLE25Burley, York, England
John H. BARTLE21Bradford, York, England
Thomas BARTLE17Windhill, York, England
Tofts House, Wyke In Bradford, York, England
Benjamin BARTLE47Bradford, York, England
Susannah BARTLE53Wike, York, England
Upper Spring Head, Clayton, York, England
Benjamin BARTLE52Thornton, York, England
Sarah BARTLE43Leeds, York, England
Ada Mary BARTLE18Leeds, York, England
Tom BARTLE8Clayton, York, England
Beck Hill, North Bierley, York, England
Betty BARTLE52North Bierley, York, England
Harriet BARTLE42North Bierley, York, England
20 Longwood Terrace, Hunslet, York, England
John BARTLE51Hunslet, York, England
Harriet BARTLE52Hunslet, York, England
Cottingley Spring, Beeston, York, England
Henrietta BARTLE52North Bierley, York, England
William BARTLE20Farnley, York, England
Josiah BARTLE11Leeds, York, England
9 Chesham St, Horton In Bradford, York, England
Jesse BARTLE52Morley, York, England
Susanna BARTLE50Bradford, York, England
Walter BARTLE19Bradford, York, England
Thomas BARTLE14Bradford, York, England
16 Raglan Street, Shipley, York, England
John BARTLE52Shipley, York, England
Mary BARTLE40Baildon, York, England
Thomas BARTLE15Windhill, York, England
Martha Jane BARTLE12Windhill, York, England
Rebecca BARTLE8Shipley, York, England
Joseph BARTLE7Shipley, York, England
11 Middle St, Halifax, York, England
Thomas BARTLE52Shelf, York, England
Mercy BARTLE52Halifax, York, England
15 P W Terrace, Scarborough, York, England
Georgina BARTLE51Leeds, York, England
Mary C. BARTLE31Laversall, York, England
Adelaide BARTLE29Laversall, York, England
Alice C. BARTLE22Darrington, York, England
Constance BARTLE20Darrington, York, England
Edith BARTLE19Feltham, Sussex, England
29 Holme Top Lane, Horton In Bradford, York, England
James BARTLE51Bfd, York, England
Hannah BARTLE49Bfd, York, England
Clara A. BARTLE13Bfd, York, England
3 St Simons St, Leeds, York, England
John BARTLE51Burton, Lincoln, England
Martha BARTLE50Pudsey, York, England
Selina BARTLE17Leeds, York, England
William A. BARTLE14Leeds, York, England
John BARTLE12Leeds, York, England
Emily BARTLE9Leeds, York, England
Lilly BARTLE7Leeds, York, England
15 Paleys Buildings, Leeds, York, England
William C. BARTLE43Apperley Bdge, York, England
Alice BARTLE50Scotland
Annie BARTLE8Leeds, York, England
25 Binbrook St, Manningham, York, England
Alice BARTLE50Bradford, York, England
Love Lane, Wakefield, York, England
David BARTLE50Halifax, York, England
Mary A. BARTLE49Halifax, York, England
Hannie BARTLE21Halifax, York, England
Emily BARTLE16Halifax, York, England
Godfrey BARTLE14Wakefield, York, England
Woodland Farm, Wilsden, York, England
James BARTLE50Allerton, York, England
9 Spring Row, Bingley, York, England
John BARTLE50Queensbury, York, England
Emma BARTLE48Bingley, York, England
Mary Jane BARTLE28Bingley, York, England
Harry BARTLE15Bingley, York, England
Harehills Lane, Potter Newton, York, England
Solomon BARTLE49Wike, York, England
Martha BARTLE50Clecheaton, York, England
Samuel BARTLE26Wike, York, England
Samson BARTLE23Wike, York, England
Mary E. BARTLE17Leeds, York, England
John W. BARTLE12Leeds, York, England
Toll Gavel, Beverley St Mary, York, England
Charles BARTLE49S Mary Le S, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth BARTLE40Wisbeach, Cambridge, England
Emily E. BARTLE15Beverley, York, England
Kate A. BARTLE12Beverley, York, England
Fanny L. BARTLE11Beverley, York, England
High Street, South Milford, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE49Northallerton, York, England
Mary BARTLE23Lockwood, York, England
Edgar BARTLE19Lockwood, York, England
Frank Edwd. BARTLE14South Milford, York, England
Kate BARTLE12South Milford, York, England
Edith Helen BARTLE6South Milford, York, England
214 Washington St, Manningham, York, England
Richard BARTLE49Bradford, York, England
Emma BARTLE49Bradford, York, England
Harriet E. BARTLE24Manningham, York, England
Emily BARTLE21Manningham, York, England
Martha BARTLE19Manningham, York, England
Sarah BARTLE17Manningham, York, England
John BARTLE15Manningham, York, England
Lily BARTLE10Manningham, York, England
Edwin BARTLE5Manningham, York, England
Ada BARTLE3Manningham, York, England
George H. BARTLE1Manningham, York, England
Butcher St, Wyke In Bradford, York, England
James BARTLE49Wike, York, England
Mary BARTLE47Nth Bierley, York, England
Sophia BARTLE23Wike, York, England
Harriett Ann BARTLE19Leeds, York, England
Sarah H. BARTLE17Leeds, York, England
Ada BARTLE15Leeds, York, England
Annie BARTLE8Wike, York, England
Mary Alice BARTLE7Wike, York, England
120 Carlisle Rd, Manningham, York, England
John BARTLE49Shipley, York, England
Mary A. BARTLE46Baildon, York, England
Walter BARTLE22Shipley, York, England
27 Cambridge St, Horton In Bradford, York, England
Lydia BARTLE49Gt Horton, York, England
Mark BARTLE44Gt Horton, York, England
30 Bourne Street, Sculcoates, York, England
Sarah Ann BARTLE49Rawcliffe, York, England
Hill Top School Street, North Bierley, York, England
Abraham BARTLE48Halifax, York, England
Lucy BARTLE44Halifax, York, England
Sam BARTLE18North Bierley, York, England
Liversedge BARTLE16North Bierley, York, England
Clara BARTLE14North Bierley, York, England
Annie BARTLE11North Bierley, York, England
Mary A. BARTLE9North Bierley, York, England
Betty BARTLE6North Bierley, York, England
David BARTLE3North Bierley, York, England
William BARTLE1North Bierley, York, England
9 Doncaster Rd, Barnsley, York, England
Henry BARTLE48Barnsley, York, England
Susannah BARTLE46Barnsley, York, England
477 Heys Gardens, Keighley, York, England
Maria BARTLE48Keighley, York, England
Wilson BARTLE15Keighley, York, England
Albert BARTLE12Keighley, York, England
Arthur BARTLE12Keighley, York, England
Grace Ann BARTLE8Keighley, York, England
70 Wellgate, Rotherham, York, England
George BARTLE46Aston, York, England
Maryiette BARTLE48Whiston, York, England
Sarah E. BARTLE16Whiston, York, England
Geo. BARTLE14Guilthwaite, York, England
Mary A. BARTLE12Guilthwaite, York, England
Wike Common, Wyke In Bradford, York, England
Abraham BARTLE47Wike, York, England
Sarah BARTLE37Headingley, York, England
Dan BARTLE15Wike, York, England
10 Promenade Squr, Pannal, York, England
Frederic BARTLE47London, Middlesex, England
Eliza BARTLE45Prestbury, Cheshire, England
Mary L. BARTLE19Beverley, York, England
Clara BARTLE16Driffield, York, England
Charles H. BARTLE11Kirkburn, York, England
Eliza Blanche BARTLE10Harrogate, York, England
Jessie BARTLE8Harrogate, York, England
Ernest BARTLE7Harrogate, York, England
Henry H. BARTLE5Harrogate, York, England
Percy BARTLE4Harrogate, York, England
Kate BARTLE2Harrogate, York, England
Crestville Terrace, Clayton, York, England
John BARTLE47Howarth, York, England
Jane BARTLE39Thornton, York, England
Joe BARTLE19Thornton, York, England
Edwin BARTLE18Thornton, York, England
Emma BARTLE13Clayton, York, England
Jonathan BARTLE11Thornton, York, England
Annie BARTLE7Clayton, York, England
Hannah BARTLE3Clayton, York, England
Erven BARTLE<1Clayton, York, England
19 Chapel Lane, Shipley, York, England
Thomas T. BARTLE47Shipley, York, England
Sarah BARTLE46Bradford, York, England
Harriett BARTLE19Shipley, York, England
Ada BARTLE16Shipley, York, England
Fred BARTLE13Shipley, York, England
William BARTLE10Shipley, York, England
Sarah A. BARTLE7Shipley, York, England
Elizabeth H. BARTLE5Shipley, York, England
5 Bethel St, Morton In Keighley, York, England
Ann BARTLE46Baildon, York, England
Fred BARTLE18Bingley, York, England
Alice BARTLE16Queensbury, York, England
Joseph BARTLE14Queensbury, York, England
Newton Morrell, Newton Morrell, York, England
George BARTLE46Belton, Lincoln, England
Mary BARTLE43Butterwick, Lincoln, England
Henry BARTLE22Belton, Lincoln, England
George BARTLE20Belton, Lincoln, England
Rhoda A. BARTLE14Forcett, York, England
Mary E. BARTLE12Manfield, York, England
Sarah BARTLE11Manfield, York, England
John W. BARTLE9Shildon, Durham, England
Kate BARTLE8Bedale, York, England
28 Cuthbut Street, Sutton & Stoneferry, York, England
George BARTLE46Howden, York, England
Angelina BARTLE35Saxmundon, Suffolk, England
Clara E. BARTLE9Hull, York, England
Henry G. BARTLE7Eastrington, York, England
Ada J. BARTLE4Hull, York, England
William BARTLE2Hull, York, England
25 Lodge Gate, Thornton In Bradford, York, England
John BARTLE46Denholme, York, England
Lydia Ann BARTLE43Denholme, York, England
16 Elsworth Street, Bowling, York, England
Lucy Ann BARTLE46Tong, York, England
Sarah Ann BARTLE17Bowling, York, England
83 Battye St, Bradford, York, England
David BARTLE43Eyeworth, Bedford, England
Sarah BARTLE46Hinsworth, Stafford, England
Mary BARTLE21Eyeworth, Bedford, England
Jessie BARTLE19Eyeworth, Bedford, England
George BARTLE17Eyeworth, Bedford, England
S. Jane BARTLE14Eyeworth, Bedford, England
Church Lane, North Bierley, York, England
William BARTLE46North Bierley, York, England
Mary A. BARTLE45Bradford, York, England
Martha A. BARTLE19North Bierley, York, England
John BARTLE17North Bierley, York, England
Hannah BARTLE14North Bierley, York, England
Emma BARTLE7North Bierley, York, England
37 Lincoln Terrace, Manningham, York, England
Charlotte BARTLE45Bradford, York, England
John BARTLE21Bradford, York, England
5 Pleasant St, Horton In Bradford, York, England
William BARTLE44Cullingworth, York, England
Sarah BARTLE45Cullingworth, York, England
Herbert BARTLE16Cullingworth, York, England
Mary Hanh. BARTLE12Cullingworth, York, England
Hunsingore, York, England
Thomas W. BARTLE45Driffield, York, England
Temperance St, Wyke In Bradford, York, England
Ezra BARTLE43Wibsey, York, England
Agnes BARTLE44Norwood Green, York, England
Ellis BARTLE18Wike, York, England
Ann BARTLE13Wike, York, England
Susannah BARTLE15Wike, York, England
Fletcher BARTLE11Wike, York, England
Ellen BARTLE9Wike, York, England
32 Briggate, Idle, York, England
Samuel BARTLE44Shipley, York, England
Ellen BARTLE44Ireland
James BARTLE15Windhill, York, England
Mary Ellen BARTLE14Windhill, York, England
Ann Lily BARTLE11Windhill, York, England
Alice BARTLE7Windhill, York, England
1 Horatio Court, Leeds, York, England
Emma BARTLE44Rothwell Nr Leeds
Emily BARTLE15Leeds
Thomas W. BARTLE12Leeds
Percy BARTLE5Leeds
23 High St, Horton In Bradford, York, England
Sharp BARTLE43Bradford, York, England
Lydia BARTLE44Bradford, York, England
Frank BARTLE21Bradford, York, England
Clara BARTLE18Bradford, York, England
Walter BARTLE16Bradford, York, England
Emma M. BARTLE12Bradford, York, England
Ada BARTLE4Bradford, York, England
Jane BARTLE2Bradford, York, England
6 Holm Place, Hunslet, York, England
Joseph BARTLE43Low Moor, York, England
Mary A. BARTLE44Low Moor, York, England
Betty BARTLE21Low Moor, York, England
Elizabeth A. BARTLE16Low Moor, York, England
Hannah BARTLE13Hunslet, York, England
Joe BARTLE11Hunslet, York, England
John BARTLE7Hunslet, York, England
Temperance St, Wyke In Bradford, York, England
Matthew BARTLE44Wibsey, York, England
Susannah BARTLE42Nth Bierley, York, England
William BARTLE18Wike, York, England
Squire BARTLE16Wike, York, England
Edwin BARTLE14Wike, York, England
Amos BARTLE13Wike, York, England
Sarah BARTLE11Wike, York, England
Walter BARTLE7Wike, York, England
Mary H. BARTLE3Wike, York, England
15 Bolton Street, Bradford, York, England
William BARTLE44Thornton, York, England
Margaret BARTLE43Bradford, York, England
Emily BARTLE12Bradford, York, England
New Row, Wyke In Bradford, York, England
William BARTLE44Wike, York, England
Martha BARTLE43Wike, York, England
Sam BARTLE21Wike, York, England
John BARTLE17Wike, York, England
Clara BARTLE14Wike, York, England
Hannah BARTLE12Wike, York, England
Harriet Ann BARTLE10Wike, York, England
Edith BARTLE6Wike, York, England
Olive BARTLE1Wike, York, England
29 Lovel St, Brightside Bierlow, York, England
Thomas BARTLE36Retford, Lincoln, England
Elizabeth BARTLE43Ireland
Innice BARTLE12Sheffield, York, England
Grace BARTLE10Sheffield, York, England
Carrhouse Lane, Shelf, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE43Shelf, York, England
15 Poplar Terrace, Keighley, York, England
Mary BARTLE43Ireland
46 Wellington St, Bingley, York, England
Samuel BARTLE43Denholme, York, England
12 Upper Town, Haworth, York, England
Samuel BARTLE43Bradford, York, England
Sarah BARTLE41Haworth, York, England
Ann BARTLE18Bradford, York, England
Eliza BARTLE14Bradford, York, England
John BARTLE11Bradford, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE9Bradford, York, England
Grace BARTLE7Bradford, York, England
Herbert BARTLE<1Haworth, York, England
237 Horton Road, Horton In Bradford, York, England
Timothy BARTLE43Bradford, York, England
Mary BARTLE42Bradford, York, England
David BARTLE2Bradford, York, England
John A. BARTLE1Bradford, York, England
Lower Shelf Coley, Shelf, York, England
William BARTLE43Shelf, York, England
Ernest BARTLE17Shelf, York, England
Martha Ann BARTLE12Shelf, York, England
44 Carlisle Terr, Manningham, York, England
William L. BARTLE41Bradford, York, England
Hannah E. BARTLE41Cullingworth, York, England
Lucie BARTLE1Bradford, York, England
6 Glebe St, Leeds, York, England
James BARTLE41Low Moor, York, England
Frances BARTLE38Leeds, York, England
John Ed. BARTLE17Leeds, York, England
Sarah BARTLE14Leeds, York, England
Emma BARTLE10Leeds, York, England
Frances BARTLE8Leeds, York, England
Brow Lane, Shelf, York, England
James BARTLE41Shelf, York, England
Sarah BARTLE41Wetherby, York, England
Pollie BARTLE18Wetherby, York, England
Annie BARTLE16Shelf, York, England
Harry BARTLE15Shelf, York, England
Sam BARTLE13Shelf, York, England
Nancy BARTLE11Shelf, York, England
John BARTLE9Shelf, York, England
Clara BARTLE7Shelf, York, England
Ada BARTLE5Shelf, York, England
Robert BARTLE3Shelf, York, England
Fanny BARTLE<1Shelf, York, England
30 Fairbank Rd, Manningham, York, England
Wm. BARTLE41Burnley, Lancashire, England
Emma BARTLE31Bford, York, England
85 & 87 High St, Horton In Bradford, York, England
Margaret BARTLE40Bradford, York, England
198 Oakworth Rd, Keighley, York, England
David BARTLE35Bingley, York, England
Sarah BARTLE40Bingley, York, England
Willie BARTLE10Keighley, York, England
Clara BARTLE7Keighley, York, England
Fred BARTLE5Keighley, York, England
Harry BARTLE4Keighley, York, England
Charlie BARTLE2Keighley, York, England
Russell St, Bingley, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE39Bingley, York, England
37 Auckland St, Guisbrough, York, England
Henry BARTLE39Clarbor, Nottingham, England
Kate J. BARTLE13Sheffield, York, England
Florence BARTLE10Attercliffe, York, England
15 Eton St, Halifax, York, England
Saml. BARTLE39Northowram, York, England
Elizth. BARTLE38Northowram, York, England
Lucy BARTLE15Northowram, York, England
John Wm. BARTLE9Northowram, York, England
Martha BARTLE7Northowram, York, England
Joseph BARTLE2Halifax, York, England
Richd. BARTLE<1Halifax, York, England
45 Stoney Rock Rd, Leeds, York, England
Samuel BARTLE39Bradford, York, England
Ernest I. BARTLE12Leeds, York, England
26 Montague St, Horton In Bradford, York, England
Sidney BARTLE39North Bierley, York, England
Clementia BARTLE36Halifax, York, England
Mary BARTLE12Halifax, York, England
Tom BARTLE7Halifax, York, England
Annie BARTLE1Bfd, York, England
Shipley High Moor, Shipley, York, England
Jas. BARTLE30Wilsden, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE38Daisy Hill Manningham, York, England
19 Wrose Hill Terrace, Idle, York, England
Geo. BARTLE38Shipley, York, England
Mary Ann BARTLE30Esholt, York, England
Herbert BARTLE2Wrose Hill, York, England
Cross Green, Otley, York, England
James BARTLE38Bradford, York, England
Mary BARTLE34Asquith, York, England
Arthur BARTLE11Otley, York, England
Martha E. BARTLE8Otley, York, England
Mary E. BARTLE6Otley, York, England
Vincent L. BARTLE5Otley, York, England
Alice BARTLE1Otley, York, England
20 Field St, Shipley, York, England
Peter BARTLE36East Bireley, York, England
Jane BARTLE38Thornton, York, England
Olive BARTLE9Bradford, York, England
Jno. Ed. BARTLE6Shipley, York, England
Mary E. BARTLE3Shipley, York, England
Arthur BARTLE1Shipley, York, England
Back Denholme, Thornton In Bradford, York, England
William BARTLE35Denholme, York, England
Sarah A. BARTLE38Wilsden, York, England
James BARTLE13Denholme, York, England
Martha BARTLE11Denholme, York, England
Alice BARTLE5Denholme, York, England
46 Marcus St, Brightside Bierlow, York, England
Herbert BARTLE37Saxton, Nottingham, England
Mary J. BARTLE28Norwell, Nottingham, England
Annie E. BARTLE12Ossington, Nottingham, England
Alice BARTLE11Torksey, Lincoln, England
Susannah M. BARTLE9Norwell, Nottingham, England
Rosa BARTLE5Sheffield, York, England
Kate BARTLE2Sheffield, York, England
Florie BARTLE<1Sheffield, York, England
5 Bengal Str, Keighley, York, England
Joseph BARTLE37Haworth, York, England
Isable BARTLE37Haworth, York, England
Emma BARTLE9Keighley, York, England
Mary A. BARTLE8Keighley, York, England
Clara BARTLE5Keighley, York, England
Annie BARTLE1Keighley, York, England
34 Thornton St, Leeds, York, England
William BARTLE37Cockatly, Bedford, England
4 Smithard St, Keighley, York, England
George BARTLE33Wilsden, York, England
Betty BARTLE36Denholme, York, England
Margaret H. BARTLE10Wilsden, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE9Wilsden, York, England
Mary J. BARTLE7Wilsden, York, England
Paulina BARTLE4Eccleshill, York, England
Clara BARTLE3Eccleshill, York, England
75 Chiltern St, Newington, York, England
George BARTLE36Belton, Lincoln, England
Mary Jane BARTLE34Hull, York, England
George W. BARTLE11Hull, York, England
Joseph BARTLE10Hull, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE7York, York, England
Florence BARTLE5Hull, York, England
Ada BARTLE3Hull, York, England
Kate BARTLE2Hull, York, England
New Row, Wyke In Bradford, York, England
James BARTLE36Wike, York, England
Emma BARTLE32Wike, York, England
Willie BARTLE7Wike, York, England
Solomon BARTLE4Wike, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE1Wike, York, England
Green End, North Bierley, York, England
Joseph BARTLE36North Bierley, York, England
Mary BARTLE36North Bierley, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE11North Bierley, York, England
Willie BARTLE5North Bierley, York, England
Ulley, Aston Cum Aughton & Ulley, York, England
James BARTLE35Aston, York, England
Maria BARTLE36Hooton, York, England
37 Wilber Force St, Pudsey, York, England
Thomas BARTLE36Wilsden, York, England
Kensington Street, Dewsbury, York, England
James BARTLE35Caunton, Nottingham, England
Harriet BARTLE32Earlsheaton, York, England
Clara Lizzy BARTLE4Dewsbury, York, England
James E. BARTLE<1?
Hall Farm, North Bierley, York, England
Mark BARTLE35North Bierley, York, England
Mary BARTLE34North Bierley, York, England
Harriet E. BARTLE9North Bierley, York, England
Lucy BARTLE4North Bierley, York, England
Herbert T. BARTLE<1North Bierley, York, England
91 Bismark St, Bowling, York, England
Matilda BARTLE35Wibsey Nr Bradford, York, England
John Wm. BARTLE10Bankfoot Nr Bd, York, England
Smith BARTLE7Bankfoot Nr Bd, York, England
Mary Ann BARTLE5Bankfoot Nr Bd, York, England
7 Franklin Ter, Holy Trinity, Kingston-upon-Hull, York, England
William BARTLE33Bolton, Lancashire, England
Hannah E. BARTLE34Hull, York, England
William H. BARTLE8Hull, York, England
Alfred BARTLE4Hull, York, England
Charles BARTLE3Hull, York, England
Alice BARTLE1Hull, York, England
Village Of Pickhill, Pickhill With Roxby, York, England
Honor BARTLE34Holme, York, England
Arthur BARTLE10Bowling, York, England
Florence BARTLE8Little Horton, York, England
18 High Street, Worsbrough, York, England
Thomas BARTLE34Nottingham, England
Norr, Wilsden, York, England
Wilkinson BARTLE34Denholme, York, England
Armitage Yd, Wakefield, York, England
William L. BARTLE34Bradford, York, England
Sarah A. BARTLE32Wakefield, York, England
Elizabeth A. BARTLE11Wakefield, York, England
Alice BARTLE7Wakefield, York, England
William BARTLE5Wakefield, York, England
Mary BARTLE3Wakefield, York, England
Arthur BARTLE1Wakefield, York, England
Sarah A. BARTLE22Ottley, York, England
1 Chapel Row, York St George, York, England
Charles Wm. BARTLE33York, England
Sarah Ann BARTLE28Shipton, York, England
William Hy. BARTLE11York, England
Charles A. BARTLE9York, England
Martha L. BARTLE5York, England
Green Market, Wyke In Bradford, York, England
James BARTLE32North Bierley, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE33Hipperholme Cum Brighouse, York, England
Ramoth BARTLE7Wyke, York, England
Sarah BARTLE3Wyke, York, England
Broadfolds, Clayton, York, England
Emma BARTLE32Thornton, York, England
17 Top Moorside, Holbeck, York, England
Thomas BARTLE32Holbeck, York, England
Eliza BARTLE25Holbeck, York, England
Nathaniel BARTLE5Holbeck, York, England
William BARTLE1Holbeck, York, England
Market Place, Heckmondwike, York, England
Fredrick BARTLE31Caistor, Lincoln, England
Minnie BARTLE16Brigg, Lincoln, England
South End, Thorne, York, England
John BARTLE31Burringham, Lincoln, England
Emily BARTLE26Thorne, York, England
Eliza BARTLE3Staddlethorpe, York, England
14 South St, Goole, York, England
Joseph T. BARTLE31Hull, York, England
Elizabeth P. BARTLE30London, Middlesex, England
Frederick E. BARTLE8Hull, York, England
George W. BARTLE6Goole, York, England
Ruby BARTLE3Goole, York, England
Claud BARTLE<1Goole, York, England
18 Holme Top Lane, Horton In Bradford, York, England
Jonathan BARTLE30Bfd, York, England
Susan BARTLE31Wyke, York, England
Herbert BARTLE5Bfd, York, England
Hannah BARTLE1Bfd, York, England
New Brighton, Shipley, York, England
Edwin BARTLE30Wilsden, York, England
Hannah Amelia BARTLE29Shipley, York, England
4 Piccadilly, Shipley, York, England
James BARTLE30Shipley, York, England
Duncomb BARTLE19Shipley, York, England
Fanny BARTLE17Shipley, York, England
3 Clifton Terr Beverley Road, Sculcoates, York, England
William BARTLE30Beaston, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE29Holbeck, York, England
44 Denison St, Leeds, York, England
James BARTLE29Eccleshill, York, England
Laura BARTLE28Melborn, Cambridge, England
Harold BARTLE4Leeds, York, England
Horace BARTLE1Leeds, York, England
1 St Georges Ct, York St George, York, England
John BARTLE29York, England
Diana BARTLE23Harrington, Lincoln, England
21 Lodge Gate, Thornton In Bradford, York, England
Cecil BARTLE28Denholme, York, England
Sarah Ann BARTLE29Denholme, York, England
Joseph BARTLE7Denholme, York, England
Annie BARTLE4Denholme, York, England
James BARTLE3Denholme, York, England
61 Hope St, Horton In Bradford, York, England
Edwin BARTLE28Bradford, York, England
Martha BARTLE27Bradford, York, England
Jesse BARTLE8Bradford, York, England
Mary H. BARTLE7Bradford, York, England
Harry BARTLE5Bradford, York, England
John T. BARTLE3Bradford, York, England
Nellie BARTLE<1Bradford, York, England
Cottage, Airmyn, York, England
George BARTLE28Beltoft, Lincoln, England
Harriett BARTLE28East Cowick, York, England
Ann BARTLE2Airmyn, York, England
53 Newton St1, Bowling, York, England
George BARTLE28Bradford, York, England
Emily BARTLE25Bradford, York, England
Willey BARTLE<1Bradford, York, England
Florence BARTLE2Bradford, York, England
Harrop Edge, Allerton, York, England
Henry BARTLE28Allerton, York, England
Mary A. BARTLE24Daney, Wiltshire, England
Annie BARTLE6Haworth, York, England
Willey BARTLE4Bingley, York, England
John BARTLE<1Allerton, York, England
Nursery, Clayton, York, England
Joe BARTLE28Clayton, York, England
Nanny BARTLE26Clayton, York, England
Lyons Street, Clayton, York, England
William BARTLE28Bradford, York, England
Sarah Ann BARTLE27 (British Subject), France
Birks Head, Wilsden, York, England
Arthur BARTLE27Wilsden, York, England
Martha A. BARTLE27Wilsden, York, England
John BARTLE2Wilsden, York, England
Prospect St., North Bierley, York, England
Jim BARTLE27Shelf, York, England
Eliza BARTLE27Shelf, York, England
Addie BARTLE1Shelf, York, England
3 Raglan Street, Shipley, York, England
John BARTLE27Shipley, York, England
Railway Ter, Tong, York, England
Joseph BARTLE27Hunsworth, York, England
Emma BARTLE24Hunsworth, York, England
Ephraim BARTLE2Tong, York, England
6 Chester St, Horton In Bradford, York, England
Matthew BARTLE27Bradford, York, England
Mary BARTLE27York, York, England
Hill Top, North Bierley, York, England
Ellis BARTLE25Shelf, York, England
Tabitha BARTLE27North Bierley, York, England
Fred BARTLE2North Bierley, York, England
97 Briggate, Idle, York, England
William BARTLE27Binley In Otley
27 Gowthorpe St, Selby, York, England
James BARTLE26Ireland
34 York Court, Northowram, York, England
Joseph BARTLE26Harden, York, England
Ann BARTLE24Ewerby, Lincoln, England
Edith Maud BARTLE3Harden, York, England
Elizabeth Florence BARTLE3Harden, York, England
Emma BARTLE2Queensbury, York, England
3 Spring Head, Shelf, York, England
John BARTLE24Shelf, York, England
Mary BARTLE26Shelf, York, England
2 Ash Terrace, Ilkley, York, England
Thomas BARTLE26Clomell, Ireland
Wakefield Road, Tong, York, England
Alfred BARTLE25Tong, York, England
Mary BARTLE22Tong, York, England
Clara BARTLE2Tong, York, England
Harry BARTLE<1Tong, York, England
Foundry Lane, Mexborough, York, England
William BARTLE24Belford, Nottingham, England
Clara BARTLE25Mexbrough, York, England
John BARTLE<1Wombwell, York, England
Ulley, Aston Cum Aughton & Ulley, York, England
Henry BARTLE25Ully, York, England
Emily BARTLE23Ully, York, England
Eliza BARTLE<1Ully, York, England
New Row, Bingley, York, England
James BARTLE25Harden, York, England
Mary H. BARTLE21Harden, York, England
Albion Yard, Wakefield, York, England
John BARTLE25Leeds, York, England
Jane BARTLE24Wakefield, York, England
James E. BARTLE7Wakefield, York, England
Tyersal Hall, Pudsey, York, England
Luke A. BARTLE25Bradford, York, England
Clarissa BARTLE23Barnsley, York, England
George BALDWIN17Janning Plede, Hereford, England
11 Temple Court, Holy Trinity, Kingston-upon-Hull, York, England
Thomas BARTLE25Grimsby, Lincoln, England
Mary A. BARTLE24Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Thomas W. BARTLE4Hull, York, England
Sarah A.E. BARTLE2Hull, York, England
14 Taylor Row, Barnsley, York, England
Walter BARTLE25Smithies, York, England
Emma BARTLE23Barnsley, York, England
Ada BARTLE4Barnsley, York, England
Fred BARTLE<1Barnsley, York, England
Eccler Farm, Thornton In Lonsdale, York, England
Annie BARTLE24Wray, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth BARTLE14Clifton, Lancashire, England
William P. BARTLE12Burton, Westmorland, England
John Harling BARTLE5Accrington, Lancashire, England
Joseph E. BARTLE2Westhouse, York, England
1 Rufus Stt, Hunslet, York, England
Fred BARTLE24Low Moor, York, England
Martha A. BARTLE20Leeds, York, England
Minetta BARTLE<1Leeds, York, England
Hall Farm, North Bierley, York, England
Jesiah BARTLE24North Bierley, York, England
Sarah A. BARTLE23North Bierley, York, England
33 Victoria St, Idle, York, England
John BARTLE24Shipley, York, England
Ruth BARTLE23Windhill, York, England
(Temperance Hotel) Kirkgate, Otley, York, England
Joseph BARTLE24Wakefield, York, England
23 George St, York St Denis In Walmgate, York, England
Henry BARTLE23York, York, England
Mary A. BARTLE24York, York, England
16 Ashfield, Horton In Bradford, York, England
Mary Ellen BARTLE24Grt Horton Bradford, York, England
Acker Lane, North Bierley, York, England
Tom BARTLE24Horton, York, England
Annie BARTLE20Baildon, York, England
1 West Turkey St, Keighley, York, England
Alexandra BARTLE23Keighley, York, England
57 & 59 Hope St, Horton In Bradford, York, England
William H. BARTLE22Bradford, York, England
Ann E. BARTLE23Bradford, York, England
49 Drewton St, Bradford, York, England
Sarah BARTLE23Butterwick, Lincoln, England
Main Street, Wilsden, York, England
Turton BARTLE23Wilsden, York, England
Mary BARTLE22Place Not Known, Wiltshire, England
Nelson BARTLE1Wilsden, York, England
Jane BARNES18Place Not Known, Wiltshire, England
11 Milton St, Keighley, York, England
Sarah BARTLE22Keighley, York, England
Ellen BARTLE<1Keighley, York, England
Ct8 H1 Bigod St, Sheffield, York, England
Emma BARTLE21Sheffield, York, England
Clara BARTLE<1Sheffield, York, England
38 Watmough St, Horton In Bradford, York, England
Isabella BARTLE21Glasgow, Scotland
1 Quadrant St (W), Leeds, York, England
Wallace BARTLE20Leeds, York, England
Herbert BARTLE16Leeds, York, England
109 Adelaide Street, Holy Trinity, Kingston-upon-Hull, York, England
Alice BARTLE19Grimsby, Lincoln, England
Manuels Height, Wilsden, York, England
Annie BARTLE19Wilsden, York, England
45 Turner Place, Horton In Bradford, York, England
William E. BARTLE18Horton, York, England
"Her Majestys Prison" Armley Nr Leeds, Armley, York, England
Albert BARTLE17Bradford, York, England
9 Bridge End, Leeds, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE17Northallerton, York, England
Sand Hill, Adlingfleet, York, England
Robert BARTLE17Althorpe, Lincoln, England
High Street, Cawood, York, England
William BARTLE17Northallerton, York, England
19 Church St, Sutton & Stoneferry, York, England
John BARTLE16Grimsby, Lincoln, England
Duncan Cottage, Thornton Le Beans, York, England
Walter BARTLE16?
20 King St, Sculcoates, York, England
Hannah M. BARTLE15Grimsby, Lincoln, England
Otley Road, Headingley Cum Burley, York, England
Louisa BARTLE15Howden, York, England
22 Bridge St, Idle, York, England
Sarah H. BARTLE16Windhill, York, England
Joseph BARTLE14Windhill, York, England
48 Mount Pleasant, Keighley, York, England
F.W.N. BARTLE12Keighley, York, England
Ulley, Treeton, York, England
Clara BARTLE10Whiston, York, England
Rose H. BARTLE6Ulley, York, England
"Leeds Moral & Industrial Training School", Leeds, York, England
John Thos. BARTLE10?
2 Greaves St, Horton In Bradford, York, England
Herbert BARTLE5Horton, York, England



Percy Arms Inn, Chirton, Northumberland, England
Sarah BARTLE65Kingslynn, Norfolk, England
30 Wooler Street, Darlington, Durham, England
Leeming BARTLE48Darlington, Durham, England
Harriet BARTLE57Hull, York, England
Medomsley Edge, Medomsley, Durham, England
Henry BARTLE55Cornwall, England
Elizabeth BARTLE56Cornwall, England
Richard BARTLE21Cornwall, England
Low Cross Row Seaton Burn, Longbenton, Northumberland, England
John BARTLE56Doulton, Norfolk, England
Frances BARTLE55Heydon, Norfolk, England
Benjamin BARTLE20Longbenton, Northumberland, England
56 Model Place, Darlington, Durham, England
John BARTLE50Stokesley, York, England
Ann BARTLE47Rudby, York, England
Charles BARTLE13Walworth, Durham, England
Mary BARTLE11Darlington, Durham, England
8 Upper Pearson St, Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
Ralph BARTLE47British Subject, The Netherlands
Mary J. BARTLE43North Shields
"Newcastle On Tyne Borough Lunatic Asylum", Coxlodge, Northumberland, England
Helen BARTLE43Scotland
22 Jobling St, Bishopwearmouth, Durham, England
Isaac BARTLE41Soulton, Norfolk, England
Charlotte BARTLE40Aylsham, Norfolk, England
Benjamin BARTLE14Oulton, Norfolk, England
Robert BARTLE12Oulton, Norfolk, England
Mary BARTLE5Sunderland, Durham, England
Hannah BARTLE1Sunderland, Durham, England
Quality Row, Urpeth, Durham, England
George BARTLE37Fleet, Lincoln, England
Ann BARTLE40Dewsbury, York, England
William BARTLE16Poole, York, England
Mary A. BARTLE13Pelaw Grange, Durham, England
Joseph BARTLE11Chester Le St, Durham, England
Elizabeth BARTLE10Chester Le St, Durham, England
John G. BARTLE7Chester Le St, Durham, England
Thomas BARTLE4Chester Le St, Durham, England
Tantobie, Tanfield, Durham, England
John BARTLE40Oulton, Norfolk, England
Sarah BARTLE38Blichling, Norfolk, England
Low Row Back Seaton Burn, Longbenton, Northumberland, England
James BARTLE38Hyden, Norfolk, England
Margaret BARTLE39Rothbury, Northumberland, England
Margaret BARTLE15Rothbury, Northumberland, England
Francis J. BARTLE11Longbenton, Northumberland, England
John BARTLE9Longbenton, Northumberland, England
George M. BARTLE6Longbenton, Northumberland, England
125 Grey Street, Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
Joseph BARTLE38Leeds, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE29South Shields, Durham, England
John W. BARTLE12South Shields, Durham, England
Albert BARTLE9South Shields, Durham, England
Zillah A. BARTLE8South Shields, Durham, England
Geo. F.H. BARTLE6South Shields, Durham, England
Chas. F. BARTLE2South Shields, Durham, England
Frederick E. BARTLE<1Nth Shields, Northumberland, England
31 Adelaides Street, Shildon, Durham, England
Thomas BARTLE38Bradford, York, England
Jane BARTLE34Wakefield, York, England
Henry BARTLE14Bradford, York, England
Alice BARTLE12Wakefield, York, England
William BARTLE7New Shildon, Durham, England
Annie Elizabeth BARTLE5New Shildon, Durham, England
Emma BARTLE3New Shildon, Durham, England
Thomas BARTLE<1New Shildon, Durham, England
23 & 24 West Street, Brandon & Byshottles, Durham, England
Christopher BARTLE33Darlington, Durham, England
Sarah BARTLE32Darlington, Durham, England
John Joseph BARTLE11Darlington, Durham, England
Thomas Edward BARTLE7Darlington, Durham, England
Henrietta BARTLE5Brandon Colliery, Durham, England
Mary Elizabeth BARTLE4Brandon Colliery, Durham, England
Margaret Hannah BARTLE2Brandon Colliery, Durham, England
66 High Street, Cowpen, Northumberland, England
Harriott BARTLE33Burlington, York, England
3 Clanny St, Bishopwearmouth, Durham, England
William J. BARTLE31Harpley, Norfolk, England
Elizabeth BARTLE32Gt Massingham, Norfolk, England
Minnie F. BARTLE6Sunderland, Durham, England
Edith A. BARTLE3Sunderland, Durham, England
Arnold W. BARTLE1Sunderland, Durham, England
Top Row Back Seaton Burn, Longbenton, Northumberland, England
Harry BARTLE29Longbenton, Northumberland, England
Margaret BARTLE25Cramlington, Northumberland, England
James BARTLE3Longbenton, Northumberland, England
Frances Louisa BARTLE1Longbenton, Northumberland, England
19 Sutton St, Crossgate, Durham, England
Jabez M. BARTLE29Harpley, Norfolk, England
Ruth H. BARTLE28Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England
Ruth E. BARTLE6Durham, Durham, England
William E. BARTLE4Durham, Durham, England
"Her Majestys Prison" Old Elvet Durham, Elvet, Durham, England
Stephen BARTLE28St Oswald, Cornwall, England
George BARTLE27Laxton, Nottingham, England
50 Front St, Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
Mary H. BARTLE27North Shields, Northumberland, England
Walkers Buildings, Amble, Northumberland, England
Thomas BARTLE27Hull, York, England
Elizabeth BARTLE24Newburn, Northumberland, England
William N. BARTLE<1Amble, Northumberland, England
6 B Howard St, Darlington, Durham, England
James BARTLE25Merthyr, Monmouth, England
7 King William St, Darlington, Durham, England
John BARTLE22Stokesley, York, England
Jane BARTLE23Darlington, Durham, England
Lizzie J. BARTLE5Darlington, Durham, England
Alice G. BARTLE3Darlington, Durham, England
William J. BARTLE1Darlington, Durham, England
Rose Villa, Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
Susan BARTLE23Chirton, Northumberland, England
6 Flag Lane, Sunderland, Durham, England
Henry BARTLE21Norfolk, England
Ann BARTLE20Sunderland, Durham, England
William BARTLE2Sunderland, Durham, England
14 Four Riggs, Darlington, Durham, England
George BARTLE20Darlington, Durham, England
29 Percy Gardens, Tynemouth, Northumberland, England
Constance BARTLE18Lynn, Norfolk, England
Red House, Langleydale & Shotton, Durham, England
Frederick BARTLE17N K, Lincoln, England
5 Shoulder Of Mutton Yard, Stockton On Tees, Durham, England
Micheal BARTLE14Middlesbro, York, England
18 Steavenson Place Hospital For Sick Children, Newcastle On Tyne St Nicholas, Northumberland, England
42 Claypath Masons Arms, Durham St Nicholas, Durham, England
Stephen BARTLE3Durham City, Durham, England
35 Concrete Square, Millom, Cumberland, England
Susannah BARTLE57Marytovy, Devon, England
36 Concrete Square, Millom, Cumberland, England
Henry BARTLE33Marytovy, Devon, England
Mary BARTLE28St. Austell, Cornwall, England
Henry BARTLE9Millom, Cumberland, England
Albert James BARTLE2Millom, Cumberland, England
So Clyde St. Lane, Edinburgh St Andrews, Edinburgh, Scotland
Joseph BARTLE33Penicuik, Edinburgh, Scotland
Janet BARTLE33Yester, Haddington, Scotland
Thomas BARTLE9South Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland
Isabella BARTLE7South Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland
Catherine D. BARTLE6Edinburgh, Scotland
Joseph BARTLE1Edinburgh, Scotland

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