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One of the main aims of this site is to provide a space in which BARTLE genealogists can share information. Key to this is the listing of as many BARTLE family trees as possible.

In other words: I want your GEDCOMs!

There are two ways by which the family trees on this site can be accessed:

The branches are generated from collections of GEDCOMs sent in by BARTLE genealogists. Where possible, entries in the UK 1881 Census link to individuals in these branches. I chose the UK 1881 Census as an anchor because of its completeness, its ready availability and the fact that most genealogists can get back at least this far. If there are equivalent censuses for other countries, I'd be happy to consider using those as anchors, too.

The individual records as they are displayed here cover the most important details (parents, birth, christening, marriage, children, death, burial) but they don't show everything. If you want the full story, you should download the GEDCOM file(s) from which the web presentation was generated. This is especially important if you want to check sources: you can't trust anything you read on the web, and this site is no exception!

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