Jonathan BARTLE


Father:  Jonathan BARTLE
Mother:  Maria CLARKE


Date:    1837
Place:   Laxton, Notts.


Date:    5 MAR 1837
Place:   Laxton, Notts.


Spouse:  Elizabeth MOODY
Date:    26 MAY 1861
Place:   Laxton, Notts.
Licence: Witnesses: Walter Bartle, Mary Moody
Child 1: Jonathan BARTLE
Child 2: John BARTLE
Child 3: Sabina BARTLE
Child 4: Herbert BARTLE
Child 5: Bryan BARTLE
Child 6: George BARTLE
Child 7: Clara Annie BARTLE
Child 8: William Sidney BARTLE


Date:    14 JAN 1910
Place:   Stone Road End, Tuxford


Date:    1910
Place:   Laxton, Notts.


1841,1851,1871 Census, Hartshorne Farm, Laxton, Notts. c1858
working for Richard Harpham of Moorhouse, Notts. 1863, working
for father at Straw Hall, Laxton.In 1875 Jonathan took on the
tenancy of Knapeney Farm, Laxton, 130 acres owned by Earl
Manvers and farmed it with Hartshorn until 1880 when he took on
another tenancy, Stone Road End Farm, Tuxford, Notts, 120 acres.
Farmed Knapeney and Stone Road End until death with the help of
various members of his family. In the 1881, 1891, 1901 Census he
was recorded as living at Stone Road End Farm, Tuxford. In 1887
witnessed codicil of will of John Burkitt. 26 January 1910,
obituary, Newark Advertiser. Sources for his life are in Notts
University Manuscripts Dept and Notts Archives. Will pr. PPR 11
Mar 1910. Jonathan had 40 grandchildren.

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