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4:52pm on Saturday, 26th March, 2016:

Independent Exit


It's the last print edition of The Independent today, so I bought it.

I have the first 10 editions in the attic, which I'd show you pictures of only my wife is painting upstairs and if I go anywhere near anything white I'm likely to meet with disaster.

The Independent was my newspaper of choice for some 21 years. I eventually stopped reading it in 2007 because it had become anti-science, superficial, patronising, self-satisfied, middle class, politically incoherent, London-centric and vacuous. It's still sad to see it go, though.

Actually, it's more than sad. If the final issue is representative of those that went immediately before it, it had actually improved. Some of the articles in it were interesting enough to read, and it doesn't try to frame every statement about politics in terms favouring the Labour party (or, as The Guardian now does, in terms disfavouring the Conservative party as they can't bring themselves to support Labour under Corbyn). They did seem to be a bit more independent again.

Oh well. I can't see the online edition lasting long, but if the overheads are low enough it might be able to fight on.

It's rather ironic that the newspaper was brought low by and is now having to survive through technology, given its previous treatment of the subject. How times (if not The Times) change.

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